Raindrop Is A Surreal Survival Game That Looks Spectacular And Is Inspired By Half Life 2 & STALKER

DSOGaming writes: "Back in May, we informed you about Raindrop; a surreal, environment driven, first-person survival game that is powered by the Unity engine. Well, good news everyone as the team behind it has launched a Kickstarter campaign for it. Raindrop is inspired by Half Life 2 and STALKER, and aims to raise $144K in the next 21 days."

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LordMaim1827d ago

God, I wish they'd do a proper sequel to STALKER. (Horrible acronym and all).

Irishguy951827d ago

Stalker has the best post apocalyptic mood yet imo great series

1827d ago
Pintheshadows1827d ago

The gameplay of this is jaw dropping.

sprinterboy1827d ago

Is this a pc kickstarter or coming to consoles too

ArmrdChaos1827d ago

This has Oculus and stereo head phones written all over it.