Tactical Ops 3 coming to PS3?

Any real Unreal Tournament fan knows what Tactical Ops is. A very popular total conversion that was created for Unreal 99 based on modern combat. Well it seems that the silently developed Tactical Ops 3 mod can be ported to the PS3 if the option to change controls is added, since mods can be run on PS3 and this is a mod. Whats the catch? The programmers wish to have a PS3 donated to them, so whos it gonna be? The big deal is being able to have a completely different game for free on your PS3, that is, if you own UT3.

Note**- Picture for article is not related to Tactical Ops.

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poopsack3832d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself Mr. Gates

LazyPhalanges3832d ago

You have the money Mr. Gates, so make it happen!

poopsack3832d ago

did you not see it is a forum post answered by the programmer? Why are you so anxious to press that report button.

ps3 is my champion3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

... and I lovingly remembered that dream which was Tac Ops. That game was surreal. I still hear the sound that headshots made, like this muted bell CLINK or aluminum can noise or some sh*t, randomly in my head, to this day and that was along time ago. The guns, ooo those guns were fun. I have endless praise for that game.

When I think of surreal games I think of the original thiefs, and tac ops. Especially with surround sound, and EAX.

I can't think of any modern day games that had me soo shocked at release, everything these days is like, meh.

Farsendor13832d ago

ah please someone donate this guy a ps3 anyone

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The story is too old to be commented.