Microsoft Launches New GTA IV Bundle

Gameplayer are reporting that a new Xbox 360 bundle has started leaking into Aussie retailers which includes Halo 3 and GTA IV.

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Breakfast5632d ago

Now thats a bundle...kinda expensive though...

sonarus5631d ago

Its not an official bundle its more like buy a 360 for so so price and get halo 3 and GTA4 free. Its still better than nothing though but it won't receive the same attention as an official bundle with the game art on the box and everything

GutZ315631d ago

For gods sakes, stop posting story.
This is just getting ridiculous.

chaosatom3335631d ago (Edited 5631d ago )

ARE they even SERIOUS? People already bought halo3 who ever wanted to buy one. Who might be holding out?

Just a GTA bundle with lower price is the way to go.

Now MICROSOFT is going to pretend to have shortages of this bundle few days before gta even comes out.

I want to see this on store-selfs, then i will believe it.

dan-boy5631d ago

which then makes it not so bad! and i have to disagree sonarus, a bundle with a free game, is a bundle with a free game! not many people are gonna be bothered by some art work on a "box", that's never gonna see the light of day once the console comes out of it.

anyway, more impotartantly, when are crap articles, from this crap aussie-blatantly-anti-microsof t-site gonna stop???? i know it makes the unashemed fanboys that run and contribute to this site feel better, but seriously, they are crap!

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Stryfeno15632d ago (Edited 5631d ago )

If this is true, then MS will be in a good position at the end. Nice counter.

But where's the North American Bundle MS?

Edit: Lol, at all the Disagrees.

Breakfast5631d ago

theirs a disagree monster on the loose...they can smell Halo from a mile away.

Descendant5631d ago

Paying $500 for a Core Console and two games: Halo 3 and GTAIV is not even close to being worth it. The PS3 + GTAIV is a lot cheaper and Microsoft seriously must be insane if people are that stupid to pay 500 dollars for the cheapest sku you have on the market. By the way should I mention the pro packaged at $679.00? That is just ridiculous.

J4son 3605631d ago

The bundle is too expensive IMO,should just buy a Ps3 and the game separately.

SlappingOysters5631d ago

don't forget that this is an Aussie site, so Aussie prices... which are much more that OS.

By comparrison, Harvey Norman is offering an Elite and GTA IV for $698 in Oz, which seems like a better deal really. Surely Halo 3 is like $30 on ebay now.

Breakfast5631d ago

@ J4son 360

lol...youve taking it so far, its funny now...screw it, ill give you a bubble :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii5631d ago

This guy seriously has somthing wrong with him. What is this like the 5th copycat account you have had? I must be popular, or hated amongst the PS3 community, which is fine by me :)

heroman7115631d ago

this is probably a store deal cause thats a big loss on microsoft if they put those 2 games in a bundle and its too expensive

mikeslemonade5631d ago

Don't worry it's Austrailia how much can they sell anyway? They just want to sell enough to be a presence in Austrailia. This is in no way a counter to the PS3 GTA4 bundle because there's more people in California than the entire country of Austrailia.

heroman7115631d ago (Edited 5631d ago )

ya i kno the bundle probably wont sell as much as the ps3 bundle but i cant see microsoft putting these 2 major games in a a bundle, especially with the arcade version. so imo i think this is just a store deal and plus if u look at it gta4 is just 7 days away and if this was in all of australia why havent we have heard of this sooner from many other sources like we have the playstation bundle or heard a confirmation by microsoft ? y wud they bundle it with the arcade version, that has no hard drive, if they are getting DLC bigger than san andreas ? If they were putting a new bundle all over australia i wud see them doing it with the Elite

kwicksandz5631d ago

I find it highly offensive they way you dismiss my entire country and have reported your post as offensive. the 360 already has a retail presence in Australia and this bundle (even the pro) is cheaper than a 40gb ps3 with no bundled games here.

Your also crazy if you think bundling the systems best selling game with the systems most anticipated game is a bad idea.

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