AusGamers Mario Kart Wii Review - 7.8/10

"Luck is a bitch when slapping skill in the face." The review points out the game pays far more attention to party elements than skilful driving and as such will frustrate players to the point of "blood boiling".

AusGamers go on to praise the ease of getting online and talk about the great connection, but bring it all back down to poor design and the wrong sort of focus.

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cooke153834d ago

7.8 is hardly a slamming lol. change the title please

Wildarmsjecht3834d ago

Interesting. The first Nintendo created game on the Wii to recieve a rating below a 9. Could reviewers actually be doing their jobs and you know..reviewing? Only time will tell.

On a personal note..I'm sick of Mario. There. I said it.

billythepunk3834d ago

the actual review gets pretty narky at Nintendo, the 7.8 is also lower than most other reviews of this game

permutated3834d ago

Since when is 7.8 a bad score?

People love making mountains out of molehills.

ChickeyCantor3834d ago

...yeah 6 is still decent.
People are shallow with numbers therefor REVIEWS with ratings SUCK they hype to much crap when its a 9+

LeShin3834d ago

Bubble for you and the guy below you! I'm done with review scores this generation.

a 7.8 a "slam"???!!! WTF? I actually miss the days before internet reviews when they were just in magazines where people would be very happy with that mark. Now we live in a time when if a game doesn't score a 9 or a 9.5 people think it's crap. I hope they feel the same way when they see the exam results scores :)

<sigh> retards......

PS360WII3834d ago

Nice! Glad I'm not the only one who remembers when a score of 7 wasn't a bad thing. These days everyone wants the games to be score 9 and if it's 8 how dare they! ><

TheDeadMetalhead3823d ago

I reviewed WarioWare for the Wii. I liked it and I only gave it a 7.6! Not every good game has to have a 9+. I don't know why an 8 is considered a bad game:(

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Imallvol73834d ago

I have had Mario Kart Wii for two weeks now and I am already bored. Half the game is OLD LEVELS! Aren't those supposed to be extra unlockables? This was fun with 4 people for about two days. Its the same old game, only more frustrating. The graphics are not very good and the levels are unimaginative. I know if you have a Wii your going to get it because, well, its Mario Kart. Just don't say I didn't tell you so.

ChickeyCantor3834d ago

"Half the game is OLD LEVELS!"
the original only had 16 levels....they can go back to that but that wont stop you from whining right?

" Just don't say I didn't tell you so. "

LOL? i think its a great game, to me its the best mario kart after the DS version.
So can i be saying " Just don't say I didn't tell you so. " now?

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The story is too old to be commented.