Game on: Aussies set sights on PlayStation 4

Are you interested in the change or state of numbers of pre-ordered next gen consoles? Well it seems like an Australian has some insights and numbers in that department.

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Nyxus1916d ago

Sony's momentum is amazing. I'm curious to see how it will translate into sales numbers once the console is out.

theBAWSE1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

I can't wait for the consoles to be out so facts can take the place of the bullshit PR talk and backtracking..

no amount of PR talk will help once the consoles are torn the down and hardware is the hands of gamers.. once sites release the truth about the power of each console i can't wait to see how one company in particular tries to spin the facts.. going to be as hilarious as it will be interesting

UltimateMaster1916d ago

All we want is great games and the best place to play amazing exclusives is on the PS4.

H0RSE1916d ago

Raw power only goes so far. What developers do with it tends to be the more important factor, which is why in terms of the PS4 many have been saying for months, specs on paper don't necessarily tell the whole story.

I'm not denying that PS4 isn't an impressive piece of hardware, but I think those who are already convinced that Sony has already won and MS should just throw in towel, are a little premature in their beliefs. I'm sure MS will have a few surprises of their own.

Freedomland1916d ago


Yeah, Waiting for the Godot, I must say.

gaffyh1916d ago

@H0RSE - well Sony's developers have proven they are some of the best coders on the planet. Look at Naughty Dog, GG, Santa Monica, Polyphony etc. They made amazing games on the "puzzle" of PS3, I can't imagine what they can do with the simpler PS4 architecture

UnholyLight1916d ago


What exclusives are you most looking forward to for PS4? I've got mine preordered but I've just never really cared for most Sony exclusives. Metal Gear Solid, Killzone, Gran Turismio, and Motorstorm are really the only ones I love. I feel like Microsoft's exclusives tend to get me more excited

SpideySpeakz1916d ago

Hey H0rse, haven't you been paying attention these last couple of years? Sony's 1st party developers are among the best. Vastly surpassing anything MS has cooked up besides Timed 3rd party 'exclusives'.. Damn son, do I need to show u a statistics chart for that too?

H0RSE1916d ago

Instead of actually seeing what my post was about, you guys decided to take offense and see it as an attack against Sony and/or their devs. I never once implied that Sony's 1st party studios are incompetent.

My post was merely stating that specs on paper without actually having any hands-on time with the console, only goes so far. Regardless of the numerous dev interviews or press pieces or how talented their devs are, until they actually start producing games and we actually get to play them, it remains assumptions and speculation, regardless if they all but a sure thing. The reason I focused on PS4, was because that's what the article focused on.

I know many of you are rabid Sony defenders, stalking the comments sections, shaking with anticipation for a poster you can sink your teeth into and attack, but I assure my post was neutral. So simmer down, and look before you leap next time. Reading comprehension - high tech stuff...

Eonjay1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

The intention to purchase is high across the map. However, it is becoming very clear that the world is blue. Lets be frank though, 300k for Xbox isn't exactly bad. Also, someone needs to get serious a write up and piece on why the Wii U is doing as bad as it is.

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Godmars2901916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

More like MS's blunders and inability to recover, practically and constantly making things worse, has become surprising. Besides from a few quips at their competition's expense, Sony's likely done nothing that they hadn't already planned.

Still, looking at what's going on between the PS3 and 360, the former seeing plenty of 1st and 3rd party titles while the latter has lost some to it's successor, that's really another story.

Pogmathoin1916d ago

This makes my day.... Seeing those preorder numbers mesmerize me.... I can sleep good tonight. Praise be the console lords...... Smh....

obelix011916d ago

You need a blow up doll.

Pogmathoin1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Right... Me.... Sweating over pre order numbers.... Not! I happen to have a life out of here... Could not care if I was only buyer of X1... Still got a great piece of hardware, and a PS4.... Great over powered PC... Best of both worlds..

Love seeing the disagrees.... It should be called low lifes... Or losers...

Edit: PS4 is great, X1 is not... Gimme my agrees now.... Low lifers... :)

ghostrider321916d ago

Take your Mark Cerney bobble head. Shine it up real nice. Turn that sum bitch sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

ZHZ901916d ago

The Whole Entire World Is PS4Nation.

1916d ago
AceBlazer131916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Well sony has the power and the most skillful dev teams so that raw power is gonna take us very far.

is anyone really surprised ? what happened with the 360 was a fluke, it was a 1 hit wonder. Sony is ready to bitch slap microsoft back into place and remind them why they only sold 24 mil with the xbox.

Ps4Console1916d ago

Australia as a very small market compaired with the two biggest N.America & Britain , though it's good news for Sony but early yet .

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Majin-vegeta1916d ago

Some people aren't gonna like this.....

AusRogo1916d ago

Like me? Because ever since February ive been saying 'I will pre order this week just in case it starts to sell out everywhere'. Months later I still haven't so it'll be hard to get a hand on one here in Aus :( I really want some bundles here though! !

Underworld1916d ago

Dick Smith has the Killzone bundle. It comes with Killzone, two controllers and the PS Eye. But it says it releases on the 24th of December.

BitbyDeath1916d ago

JB Hifi and EB games are sold out.
Could always try Target, Kmart or BigW, no idea what their stock is like.

Ezz20131916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

oh wow
things gonna be very different this gen with no 1 year headstart and the edge in price/ gonna be very very different indeed

Jaqen_Hghar1916d ago

and the crazy part is Sony even beat MS with all those disadvantages! With all their advantages turning to disadvantages a man doesn't see a pretty outcome for MS.

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thehitman1916d ago

That 2:1 ratio seems to be everywhere if Sony can keep up the demand then that will be a reality if not the numbers maybe closer after the first 3-4 months.

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