A half hour of Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut footage

Check out some footage from Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut.

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Campy da Camper1878d ago

Great game. Here's hoping a next gen Deus Ex is headed our way in 2014.

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cunnilumpkin1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

more like Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Extra Jaggie Edition

this looks almost as bad as the ps3/360 versions

go with pc version, it can be had for about $5 3 or 4 times a year on steam

it looks about 20x better than this

NeoTribe1878d ago

Actually its been confirmed the wii u version is superior to the pc version. Sorry to burst your pc bubble. Why you commenting when you could be playing counter strike?

cunnilumpkin1878d ago


there won't ever be a wii u game superior graphically to any major pc game from 2004, let alone anything modern

Locknuts1878d ago

I think that was before director's cut was announced for PC.

zeal0us1878d ago

Superior went it comes to exclusive gamepad functionality.

Other than that PC reign supreme when it comes graphics and mods.

Rageanitus1878d ago

umm there is a directors cut of deusex on PC.

Plus the normal version looks MUCH more crisp and SMOOTHER than the console versions!

Allsystemgamer1878d ago

Someone's an idiot. The "wii u" version is ON STEAM. For 19.99.

Nice try though.

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Gemmol1878d ago

This the link that he was talking about where the Dev say its better then the pc version


Concertoine1878d ago

im glad to see a good port to the wii u. very glad.

Are_The_MaDNess1878d ago

they really should just make this free for everyone that got the Steam version.
Batman did it so can they. heck they even got less content.
(they will be giving away less content if they give it away for free)

why do i have to pay 20 euros for something that can take up less than 1gig on a patch.....

only reason they do this is because they want people to stop buying the normal game and get the cut instead. just because they want to make more money.

well im all for that they can make more money.
but give us normal story DLC instead of this crap.

zeal0us1878d ago

If you already have you only got to pay $10 the most and $5 if you got the game plus the missing link dlc.

Dante811878d ago

Gonna get my 4.99 update for PC. Feel bad for Wii U buyers.

Gemmol1878d ago

I would do the same but the dev say better on Wii U....


zeal0us1877d ago

They're only saying that because they hope WiiU owners will pay $50 for it. In spite of it being cheaper of every other platform.

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