1UP previews Grid - A beautiful racer in danger of falling to the back of the pack

Grid has no problem making a fine first impression. From the detailed car interiors seen in the behind-the-wheel view to the gritty weathering of the windshield, the screenshots and videos show how good the game looks. But throughout the presentation 1UP saw in their first look at the game, they kept hearing the phrase "It's all about the race" come up. As good as that sounds, after running a number of races in an early version of Grid recently, the racer appears to have a long road ahead if it intends to live up to that tagline.

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Brian52473836d ago

Its a Gran Turismo killer!!


hotrider123836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

I really hope this game take off and show EA they need to step up to the plate with graphics, game play with their need for speed series and learn from gt5. GT5 is the future of racing gaming

hotrider123836d ago

so if grid is a grand terismo killer then I guess nfs prostreet is a grid killer??? haaaaaa yeah , right

SEiGHTan3836d ago

This was my biggest fear for this game (lack of feedback through the controller) as it was always the biggest shortcoming of previous TOCA games. If it is true then that is a real shame as it detracts so much from the gameplay.

Fluffy2Duffy3836d ago

I played the demo at at Wembley a few months ago at London, the game is pretty solid, nice graphic, not that close to GT5, but more of an Collin Mcrae Dirt engine,Using the xbox controls to drive, its pretty smooth and easy to drive, i've never played Xbox360 before as i own a PS3, It wil be a good game when it release, getting my hands on it.!