Why the games industry needs to stop talking about next-gen specs

We’re now a scant month away from the dawn of the PlayStation 4/Xbox One era, and both the journalistic and consumer sides of gaming have already begun to swell with anticipation.

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NewMonday3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

specs are fundamental in technology products

they only reason to stop talking about specs is because it makes a certain crowd uncomfortable.

for gamers it is decisive to know 3rd party games will run better on the PS4 and that 1st party games are 1080p as a standard.

GameNameFame3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Spec is basics which game is built upon.

How do you expect anyone to make well informed decison without spec of the product?.

It just sound they want to hide some truth and actually hide the huge difference between two console.

As for people who says spec don't matter
Killer instinct 720p
Dead Rising "dynamic" res meaning not full 1080p
Ryse 900p

forza is full of static and pre bake effects.

ambientFLIER3398d ago

Huge difference? Lol...smh. Give me a break with that bs. The PS4 is more powerful, sure. Hugely so? No...

GameNameFame3398d ago

I consider 56 percent quite huge. This is GPU alone. So I am assuming this depressing fact is why you don't anyone else informed.

X1 GPU: 1.18 TF GPU (12 CUs) for games
768 Shaders 48 Texture units
2 ACE/ 16 queues
PS4 GPU: 1.84TF GPU ( 18 CUs) for games + 56%
1152 Shaders +50%
72 Texture units +50%
32 ROPS + 100%
8 ACE/64 queues +400%

slampunk3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )


Please stop, you're making yourself look silly. So the PS4 doesn't use even 1% of the GPU for other tasks? I'm getting both (PS4 & XB1) and have a PC with far better specs, so no fanboy here.... The XB1 also has better audio processing and arguably higher clocked CPU.....

The PS4 on paper is slightly more powerful.... If you believe 56% real world performance difference, you're delusional.

UltimateMaster3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )


"The XB1 also has better audio processing..." /stopped there.

If you actually think anyone beats Sony on audio, "particularly Microsoft who's audio always been surpassed by MACs" then you're deceiving yourself in that statement alone.

Ever wondered why iTunes was an Epic Success while Zune was a Colossal Failure?

Think before you post nonsense.

And you're right about one thing, looking at specs on a piece of paper doesn't equal actual gaming performance.
I just let my eyes do the talking:

GameNameFame3398d ago

PS4 has a legitimate secondary processor for handling other applications.

Do you remember the X1 super secret sauce second procesor? it turned out to be false for X1, but PS4 has it.

You must be delusional with audio chip as well. As if PS4 doesn't have one.

I find it funny how you talk about few percent upclock on X1 while downplaying 56 percent difference on GPU.

Again, your definition of "slight" is 56 percent in your fanboy world.

I already listed result of weaker GPU. Go look at the resolutions. Even with devout fanboyism like yours, you cant dodge that.

trenso13397d ago

"I'm getting both (PS4 & XB1) and have a PC with far better specs, so no fanboy here...."

I love reading these comments, like saying that makes you look any less of a fanboy.

AndrewLB3397d ago

You guys keep ignoring a very important factor and it's not hardware related.

The Operating System.

Don't you guys realize how much faster games run on Windows 7 PC's when compared to Mac OSX, while running identical hardware specs as a MacPro?

There are some great comparison videos on youtube comparing DirectX and OpenGL rendering (Xbone=directx, ps4=opengl variant), and the DirectX video is clearly the winner for image quality AND performance.

heliumhead20303397d ago

@gamenamefame 50% more powerful is such an over statement. Your using specs of a graphics card that you know nothing about. You don't know how these systems are set up and you don't know their true power

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fossilfern3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

But it doesn't necessarily mean games will be better because of it ,if all of this about the performance discrepancy is to be believed. The PS1 and PS2 were the weakest in terms of horse power to its competitors and look at the quality games that came out for both machines.

NewMonday3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

better specs means the console has a higher upper limit for developers to exploit.

and even on the 1st party front MS are behind Nintendo and Sony, MS will need years to build up the talent, that is if they are willing to start.

fossilfern3398d ago

I'm not denying your point if there is such a large hardware discrepancy between the PS4 and XB1 it wouldn't matter if the games are average.

Hardware does help of course but the PS2 and PS1 compared to its competitors at the time were the weaker consoles and the games on the PS1 and 2 were really good.

mcstorm3398d ago

I agree and have been saying the same thing on here for long time. The specs are not what sells a console its the software. Look back at the ps2 PSX and Wii. Also look at how the 3ds was doing before it got its big name games. The psv is a beast of a console but is lacking in the games and again poor sales. The wiiu had the same issue too.

For me I decided to pre order the Xbox one before the ps4 as I wanted Forza 5 and ki over any other games on both consoles but I have pre ordered and wanted more games on the wiiu from September until the 1st quarter of next year than on the ps4 and Xbox one.

For me its about the games the gamer wants not what specs the console is and also how the games and hardware are shown off to the customer.

ZHZ903398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

If the specs don't matter then what is the point of buying next gen console just go stick to Wii or even stick to PS1 or SNES.

And combination of "spec don't matter" and "Wii's success", just go look at the WiiU.

Btw if you guys think we, PS4 buyers, are buying the PS4 for the specs you would be wrong, because we are buying PS4 for its great exclusive games including that will be made by The Talent of Sony's owned 1st/2nd party studios like ND, SSM, MM, Quantic Dreams, Team ICO, Sucker Punch, GG etc.

The power spec of PS4 and PS4 being cheaper are bonus to us, the PS4 buyers.

jgrigs093398d ago

I know some of yall aren't. I have mad respect for the reasons are because of games. But there are some PS4 fans who are just about specs and not about the games.

LonDonE3398d ago

Agreed, its all about the games!! i have my ps4 paid off, just waiting for launch date, i also bought a wii u day 1, just for those classic nintendo gems! i would have most likely bought a xbox1 at launch too, but having a bad experience with xbox 360 with regards to red ring of death has made me loose confidence in Microsoft big time!

For me, its going to be PS4,WII U,and my Gaming PC till next year Christmas, and if the xbox1 proves to be reliable i will pick one up next fall! gamers who bang on about trivial things are the ones who don't own and game on all platforms! this is fact, or else they would see the pro's and con's of all platforms instead of constantly putting the other platforms down simply because they cant afford to buy all of them.

Which is fine, not all of us are in a position to buy everything, but constantly bickering about specs, games etc is pointless! THEY ARE PIECES OF PLASTIC!!! LMAO!
But i tell you microsoft tried to pull some major B.S, and then couldn't and so was forced to change policy, any xbox fan boy who thinks they changed it for the good of gamers is delusional! its because PS4 pre orders were destroying them, plain and simple!

I find it difficult to trust them now in any way shape or form, and if by next fall i don't hear good things then Microsoft are history for me!! Sony,Nintendo and my PC will do just fine!

Kleptic3398d ago

also...i wouldn't say that any of us are interested in the 'wii's success'...a perfect example of a company making piles of money, and having no clue how to make consumers happy...

I mean selling 10's of millions of consoles in just a few short years is great...but when 98% of those end up in a grandmother's closet, only to be brought out for holiday weekends a few times a not the kind of success any person who plays video games is least, one would think so...

Godmars2903398d ago

"specs are fundamental in technology products"

And they don't mean jack if all that's ever made from them are FPS.

NewMonday3397d ago

I wouldn't be excited if I wasn't confident of the PS4 delivering a wide variety of games, for sure we are getting the next games from Quantic Dreams, Media Molecule and SSM , also games Like Rime, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Shadow of the Beast and Helldivers

Godmars2903397d ago

You don;t understand my use of "FPS". Its how everything is just about a first person perspective in real time. There is little to no surrealism in games now.

rainhell773398d ago

Xbox 360 has out sold PS3 in the states with less specs and no blue ray! Stupid fan boys!

thehitman3398d ago

With a year head start and a much lower price tag.

Funantic13398d ago

MS had a year head start with the 360, but the Xbox brand started way after Playstation and manage to dig into Sony's profit and marketshare. MS did a great job of making Xbox PS's number one competition. Xbox isn't going away.

NeoTribe3397d ago

Lol I love how you just say the states like its all that matters. Ps3 outsold xbo. Worldwide, and now just outsold xbox in the states. They won the console war even comming in late and charging 599 at launch... do you understand the spanking microsoft is going to recieve in the next few months? Bad time to be a xbot...

elmaton983398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Hell yeah. Spesc were not important 10 years ago but they matter now since most people are becoming aware of it and so they base their purchase on it(and price of course).

pete0073398d ago

Talk to pc gamers, or myself. Ps4 is outdated before launch, xbox also is, bt have à clever architecture. Silly fanboyz, when pc crowd speaks you all shut up and specs no longer matter

Mikeyy3398d ago

Hows the PC version of Red Dead? I havent tried it?

elmaton983398d ago Show
pete0073398d ago

most pc exclusiv games on consoles?? maybe a shitty port that only carries the same name, but none of the core experience, just to make money out of you. there are maybe nat most 10 exclusive games that make people like me buy a console, and i mention a hole generation, all multi plats on pc. some mworthy exclusives on copnsoles.
hardware wise, you get what you pay for. just like i said before, you guyz cry loud for a minimal difference btwn consoles power but when it comes to pc´s 5 times more powerful than your toys you start insulting people.
you´re just an ignorant, just like thousands here at N4G

elmaton983398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Look buddy maybe you don't understand, but different games have different built for different platforms and and not only for for PC( like I said before, I have a gaming PC but it won't take me away from what I enjoy most) So please whatever you say ain't valid since I own a ps3 and a gaming PC.

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Mister-fantastic3398d ago

This is stupid yes spec matter. I wish PS4 had better spec . I do under stand why SONY went with a balance system good spec good price point. I would have liked a better GPU 2.5 -3 tfolps $500 PS4. Xbone dropped the ball on xbone system weak GPU weak memory system no graphics ram. KINCET is a waste and a gimmick. MicroSCAM could have drop kincet and add a real GPU. Graphics effective game play in games .frame rates and high resolution improve game play. You can see distance better with better resolution better textures make it easier to see in game. This is a b.s article on graphics are not every thing but its still very needed.

elmaton983398d ago

Base on what I think you said I agree i guess.

FanOfRootBeer3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

You're actively telling consoles to be gaming PCs. Consoles are designed as an intermediate between performance and affordability. Consumers and developers who want that extra power make the jump to PC gaming; that's one of the reasons it continues to exist as a platform.

Graphics do not affect gameplay. Design affects gameplay. Graphics affect the way a medium (in this case, a video game) is conveyed. However, frame rate and other factors that directly impact how reliably a game is conveyed do affect the experience of the gamer.

Resolution (and similarly extraneous factors) is a different beast. For starters, draw distance (the area visible at a given time within a game) is not affected by resolution; that lies solely with game engines. More importantly, as the article points out, the issue isn't with the ability of consoles. If 1080p TVs aren't dominant, studios have no reason to dedicate resources to optimizing for higher resolutions.

This article isn't about graphics. This is about the irrelevance of site-unseen specifications.

ambientFLIER3398d ago

"for gamers it is decisive to know 3rd party games will run better on the PS4"


Mister-fantastic3398d ago

Big stop smooth * are you a grammar school teacher. That shows clearly you can't debate deboo's comments. So you are mada butt hurt and go grade school English teacher on him. Weak sauce but typical xboned fan

corvusmd3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

So then why do certain fans ONLY focus on the areas where one system has a slight advantage that hasn't shown itself on the screen, and then completely dismiss proven advantages for the other system simply because they don't want to believe them? Not to mention that the argument over 1080p or not to use 1080p so far has always been proven to be a design choice. True, 1080p AND 60fps is idea all the time if it can be done...but when it can't XB1 choses no load times and/or higher frame rates over resolution (then upscale to 1080p...which still looks fantastic), whereas PS4 has made the choice to use higher resolution with lower frame rates and more load times...saying one is better than the other is completely opinion opinion is that the XB1 approach is better because most gamers can't even tell the difference between up scaled and native 1080p anyway...if so? Why do you keep pausing the game to stare at it instead of play it? Not to mention that the common list of games going around that has PS4/XB1 confirmed 1080p games is kinda misleading...most of those games are 3rd party and the same on both systems. The only PS4 game that is constant 1080p AND 60fps at all times is a little nothing arcade style game. All these games look amazing anyway, so the crying about numbers is simply nothing more than fanboy flame-baiting....

Also, not to mention by that logic, Wii U is the most powerful system of all three being that it has the most native 1080p games of all the systems

elmaton983398d ago

Well maybe because some don't want to buy the xbone(is that simple) even more so before and after the 180 Microsoft is trying to pull on us gamers and if you can't see that well I'm sorry to say but you're just an idiot bro.

marcofdeath3398d ago

Yes, they need to stop talking about specs, because most of these idiots like New Monday and GamenameFame, have no idea what they are talking about or they are just repeating what they hear from other uneducated idiots. I'm not a know it all but at least I go and look at the details to try to understand what someone else is repeating to me, but most don't. the fact that you make a statement that the hardware inside is 50% or even 400% shows me how much of an idiot you are.
Sony's own architect stated that PS4 was the easiest system to make games for, so why is a machine that is 50% to 400% outperforming you in every single category? yes, PS4 can do 1080p with less detail, They don't look better than a 900p game, hello.
For instance GDDR5 is 256 bits wide that is total system, Xbox one has a combined memory bandwidth system total of more than 1270 bits wide, but Sony tells these idiots that it's GDDR5 and its 176GB/s and these idiots think that there memory system is the fastest when there is only one lane that provides 256 bits at 176GB/S. Xbox one can provide 256 bits on eight lanes. This is what we see from the Xbox one games.
Quantic Dreams real-time demo had 1 million polygons per character and that's without any physics calculations, world base calculations, and player input calculations, it is about as close to a CG movie as you can get computational wise, And it still could not outperform a in game real-time model of 85,000 polygons. That's why I say specs and fanboys don't go to together well.

ballsohard20133397d ago

but will the online run smoother? So far the UI on sony has failed to impress. The exclusives are lacking at this moment. Thats two areas i think MS is doing decent.

Im gonna buy both consoles cause i love gaming, but im selling my reserve and just gonna wait til the consoles exclusives start rolling like uncharted or socom hit ps4. X1 at release with nba 2k14, bf4 and cod to hold me down til titanfall, destiny, watchdog and division come out.

meanwhile gta5 (ps3) isholding me down til nov 22nd.

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DEEBO3398d ago

if the x1 specs were the better of the two MS would say it every chance they get but since the ps4 is the stronger of the two it doesn't matter.the wii remote was the game changer last gen and plus it's Nintendo.

maniacmayhem3398d ago

Actually since the PS4 specs are better now Sony is saying it every chance they get.

Their fans are also doing a great job reminding everyone every chance they get too.

Specs are nice but it's all about gameplay and design. As some said above we have seen some amazing games on the simplest of hardware due to developers creativity, skills and imagination with what they had to work with.

Even with all the arguments of some devs claiming both systems needed more RAM or this or that, I am sure if the PS4/X1 wasn't announced we would have still seen some excellent new with gorgeous graphics.

I just hope with these supposed better specs that developers take time to create some very deep and intriguing games.

Hicken3397d ago

"Their fans are also doing a great job reminding everyone every chance they get too."

I'm just guessing, but that probably has to do with how Microsoft fans keep saying they're not better, or latching onto rumors about secret components, or saying it doesn't matter. Remember 12GB of RAM and dGPU? Remember how the cloud was supposed to triple the XB1's power?

We're always gonna see some great stuff, even with the limitations of a given console generation. And then the next generation rolls around, and the specs are much improved, and then we see something else amazing, and there's no doubt it wouldn't have been possible on the last set of consoles.

Sure, specs aren't everything, and I think on PC elitists ever actually argue that the are. But they ARE still important. And as long as they are, they should be talked about.

maniacmayhem3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )


"Remember 12GB of RAM and dGPU? Remember how the cloud was supposed to triple the XB1's power?"

Remember 8 gigs of RAM dedicated to games? Remember X1 couldn't do hUMA? Remember MS's E3 would be nothing but Kinect games? And why must you counter every Sony criticism with a MS one? Like I care about MS.

Sony fans are just as guilty as any other fan, so giving excuses on what Sony fans say to counter Xbox fans is a very poor excuse for ignorance.

Specs are important but they are not the end all be all of discussions. All the specs in the world won't help if you have crap games or games that don't appeal to anyone.

For example, if all we are going to get are FPS games with just a shinier coat of paint then what good are the upgraded specs?

We already know about the specs for the system. Now lets talk about the games.

Hicken3397d ago

Yep, I remember all those things. And I know one thing in particular about them that makes them all irrelevant to this: they didn't change the power structure. The PS4 stayed stronger by a significant amount. (The E3 games part is irrelevant, but I guess you ran out of spec-related arguments.)

Apparently, to you, Sony fans just do all this stuff for no reason, hmm? I'm certain you'd find- although I know you wouldn't bother- that there are more instances of Xbox fans spewing BS than Sony fans doing the same. I'm certain you'd find that there were less Sony fans spewing BS about a particular rumor after it had been debunked than MS fans doing the same.

And I'm certain you'd find that, while you claim not to care about Microsoft, you spend far more time attacking those who- rightfully or not- attack Microsoft than you do attacking those who take shots at Sony.

thrust3398d ago

I care more about the games!

They can have the specs.

Belking3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

Ms doesn't have anything to worry about when it comes to specs. As we are finding out raw power doesn't means your games will be better and there will still be the same bottlenecks and other issues. Its all about giving devs the best tools to do the job and MS is once again outdoing the competition. You will notice that sony hasn't really spoken much about raw power. That's because it doesn't mean much if you can't exploit it. Just look at who's games are being delayed.

@strickers below
it's not BS. Raw power isn't jack when you can't exploit it. Games are being delayed and raw power has nothing to do with it. It because of the same issues devs have this gen. On paper specs doesn't equal to performance. You guys are gonna be so heartbroken this gen because you one of these console makers is mastering the art of smoke.

strickers3398d ago

You had one thing to say .........and you chose bullshit. Sad

Kayant3398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

"You will notice that sony hasn't really spoken much about raw power. That's because it doesn't mean much if you can exploit it."
Am sure announcing that PS4 is the most powerful console ever built is saying something and KZ:SF SP ---> The Order:1886 & I:SS.

"Just look at who's games are being delayed." Ohhh is that right... --->

Yh both sides have one game delayed each. Expect you want to now class Watch dogs & the crew as PS4 exclusives :p

But yes I agree specs on consoles is a small part of console decision making.

DEEBO3398d ago

one game oh no gameover man,gameover! lol.watchdogs is not from sony and check the new gameinformer for the best looking game on new console's.and infamous,deep down,killzone all look to be putting out some great looking graphics.and why are most games we see are on ps4 hardware?only ones I see trying to shaft gamers are MS.i wish they would have left the x1 like it was before trying to be like the ps4 so sony could crush ryse even 1080p? I know killzone is and it has more preorders then all the x1 games put together.only smoke and mirrors I see is ms fanboys thinking they won a console 3rd,360 3rd and x1 looking to maybe get 2nd this time.

BigShotSmoov0073398d ago

Honestly Deebo you really need to learn to write your sentences a little better. Your comments are just words jumbled up with each other and I don't know where you sentence ends and and new one begins. Seriously man, work on this.

stuna13398d ago

"You guys are gonna be so heartbroken this gen because you one of these console makers is mastering the art of smoke." Oooh oooh, I know the answer to that! And it's definitely not who you believe. My bet is that it's Microsoft! Just because there's the true fanatical fanboy who just can't come to terms with reality, changes nothing.

Microsoft sorded past is littered with the stench of smoke, and where there's smoke there's fire! The last 4 years of E3's have been nothing more than smoke & mirrors, filled with empty promises! What's crazy is there'll be someone replying to my comment asking what smoke & mirrors, what empty promises! The reason they'll ask should then become as obvious as the nose on their faces. Microsoft is a very powerful and influential business, but that doesn't necessarily mean that that power and influence is servicing the consumers best interest! If that were so we never would have had the RROD dabacle, and I'm not talking about after the facts came out.

The games shown off to be what they're not has been a staple in the Xbox 360 camp from day one! Even to the point that people tried to pull Sony into the fiasco we know as the infamous Killzone 2 demo, but we know how that turned out don't we!? You want to talk about a company mastering the art of smoke, and mirrors, Microsoft invented practical use for it business wise.

PFFT3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

RYSE just took a giant shit all over that which the POS4 has to offer. So far NONE of those POS4 titles look better than RYSE! NONE!

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Stuntz3398d ago

I really cannot wait for both consoles to launch so all this fanboy speculation on specs can be over. This has been the most ridiculous launch ever X1 is better no PS4 is better blah blah blah. Fact of the matter is we DO NOT KNOW what is better. On paper PS4 is better but is there really a difference between 360 and PS3 and yes PS3 is better on paper than 360. You guys seem to forget software plays a major factor and that i think everyone can agree Microsoft has down. The end of the day we all have to wait to find out im sure whatever anyone is buying will be amazing cant we all just get along?

robotgargoyle3398d ago

Don't know if it'll end on launch day. May just be beginning. Launch titles only give a slight glimpse at what to expect.

Fanboys will paint a picture regardless. They will always say their system is better than yours. They splice in facts with their opinions stated as facts and expect it to be gospel.

No one will know until it's over.

redcar1213398d ago

Sony keep running their mouths about specs but I can't see a difference

thrust3398d ago

Yeah look at ryse it looks great.

Stuntz3398d ago

My opinion it is the best looking game, light years ahead of everything else.

Sayai jin3398d ago

On topic...Theres nothing wrong with a company advertising their console specs...whether it's MS or Sony.

Off toic... Both consoles have impressive specs and many people argue which one is best. It's funny because 2 gens ago the original xbox had better specs than the PS2...but many preached that it was not about specs rather it was about games and sales. Then last gen the PS3 had better specs than the 360 and then it was about the specs while others said it was about sales. All this flip flopping...people calm need to go on defense over a piece of plastic. These companies are not paying you to do it.

scott1823398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

I don't think it will make a big difference for either console, both will make great looking games.

And when did you hear Sony running their mouths about specs? It seems to me the trend has been that devs are the ones speaking about sony's specs and Microsoft tries to counter what they say. Sony isn't getting involved.... good for them.

NegativeCreep4273398d ago (Edited 3398d ago )

You don't see a difference? Are you being serious?

Well nonetheless, as the old saying goes: "There are non so blind as those who will not see"

And the Xbox Fanboy camp have learned to turn a blind eye to console sales numbers as well as the good old "Teh Salez" arguments. Hmmm...I really wonder why???

thrust3398d ago

So you see a difference?

And I guess you think the internet polls are correct a?

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