Best Buy Weekly Deals Include Savings on Turtle Beach Headsets, Sims Games, and More

Best Buy's weekly gaming deals include savings on Disney Infinity, PlayStation 3 games, and more.

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SmoothC9113440d ago

some good deals on games I mostly have already, is PS All Stars worth picking up?

other than that seems a bit meh

Gaming_Guru3440d ago

I consider PlayStation All-Stars a Party-Fighting game as appose to an Action-Fighting game like Super Smash Brothers. Going into the game with that game design you will know what to expect from the game-mechanics.

guitarded773440d ago

Yeah, at that price. Especially of you have a PS3/Vita combo. You can get the PS3 version and download the Vita version for free.

I bought it at launch for $60, and feel I got my money's worth. All of those PS3 exclusives listed at $15 each is a good deal for anyone who doesn't have them.

SmoothC9113438d ago

Thanks guys; I'll pick it up then for the cross buy (I do have a Vita) and for Halloween when everyone is over for some good games & beer :)

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USMC_POLICE3440d ago

Yes it is a blast little big planet karting is worth it also!

TheLastGuardian3440d ago

I own all of these PS3 exclusives and I recommend them all.

Last_Boss3440d ago

Do they have one of the 150$ PS3 headsets on sale, or should I wait for Black Friday?

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