Final Fantasy XII Reviews

On 10/31 the PlayStation 2 received a new game from Square Enix titled Final Fantasy XII. Since then 27 sites and magazines have reviewed it including Games are Fun, Deeko, GameBrink and Play Magazine. Together their reviews have resulted in an average ratio of 92.4%.

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PS360WII4460d ago

Well not at this moment... But this game is sweet. Making the ps2 look next-gen by the way. If you played FFXI at all you'll see many similar things.
Battle mode is nice. No more random battles. You can see your enemy and attack or avoid, watch out for sometimes others may want to join the fray. I'm not to far into it yet but it's got my attention and the opening movie along with the others I've seen.. Square-Enix just knows how to do it

Halochampian4460d ago

but there is no way that this game makes the PS2 look next-gen.

Im way to tired of FF.

PS360WII4459d ago

to realize that this is Square-Enix we are talking about. They can make a Sega Genisis look better than some of these next-gen games. So yeah when I say that this FFXII looks darn good to the quality of say a 360 game I do mean it.

zypher4460d ago

yeah. i picked it up after work yesterday evening and played it for about 40 minutes. the intro was great: great music, and voice acting so far is amongst the best i've ever heard in a game. and i completely dig the new battle system, though so far Reks has been slow in battle (for everytime i hit an enemy said enemy hit me like twice). but since he isn't the main character, and his section's supposed to be the prologue for the true game, i guess its no biggie. but the battle system, along with no more random encourters, are both welcome changes to the FF formula. kudos to Squenix. this makes the second iteration of Playstation to go out with a big, Final Fantasy bang

Halochampian4460d ago

Best Voice acting in a game would have to go to Oblivion. The voice acting in that game is great.

Darth Gamer4459d ago

Hey Halochampion. I can honestly say that FF12 Does have better voice acting than Oblivion. I have both games and have put in over 120 hours into Oblivion but FF12 just seems to have more emotion in their dialog. Must be that PS2 Emotion engine or chip that it has. I knew it would make an appearance someday.

solideagle14459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

i was hoping a FFXII news but not in reviews way..i as hoping like BIG BANG or KABOOM stuff, like the units r sold 5 million in US or like selling crazy. can anyone tell me how is it doing in US?? and is it release date of europe too??

i was hoping it to exceed the sales of FFVII(9.7 million i think) or it got a record in sales wise(beating GTA:San Andreas) but no news...perhaps hopin 4 the ultimate eh?