Balance: Gaming vs. Responsibilities

In one corner, the desire for all things fun and entertaining: Gaming! In the other corner, weighing heavily on your shoulders: Responsibilities! Who will win this fight? Stay tuned.

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ATi_Elite1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Responsibilities, What are those?

My responsibility is to live MY life how I see fit which means GAMING when and where I want.

Love Life LOL

Do you know how many HOT Ladies play League of Legends? Millions and here are a FEW.

Hot PC Gaming Ladies are every where so finding Love in the PC Gaming world is NOT HARD!

1827d ago
showtimefolks1828d ago

I use to be able to play games for many days but now if i can find few hours per week than that's a good gaming week. there are just way too many games to play so pick and choose

i use to love long games but now they scare me since i know iw ill have to find time to finish

elhebbo161828d ago

yea my balance is just messed up.