5 Ways to Make Gears 2 the Best Shooter of All Time

SliceGaming writes about 5 Ways to Make Gears 2 the Best Shooter of All Time.

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Breakfast5138d ago

Destructible environment and a good party system is all i need.

sonarus5138d ago

i don't see how vehicles will work in gears. Too few ppl and the maps are simply too small for vehicles.

As for party system never played halo 2 (beyond a couple of mins of single player when i decided to rent it for xbox 360 one day) so i don't really understand the party system thing.

Less lag online would be great as always. I seriously doubt epic's ability to tell a story so i honestly won't be counting on a good gears story. That being said, i don't really think gears needs much of a story to be a success.

Destructible environments would add A LOT of variety to Gears since it is cover based. If concrete can be destroyed after heavy fire it keeps gamers on their toes instead of just waiting for your turn to pop from cover

toughNAME5138d ago

I think destructible environments has become such a subjective thing. Every newly released game these days has some form of DS and it has yet to blow me away. And while playing I didn't notice the lack of DS so I could take it or leave it.

And vehicles, the APC was fun for the very short time it was used. I hope they expand on that or just forget vehicles entirely

dumbNAME5138d ago (Edited 5138d ago )

Gears of war sucks

i have seen the light thanks to my sexy black PS3. i just threw my pos 360 out the window after i played my ps3 for ONLY 1 MILLISECOND.

Sony is God.

ignore all my negative PS3 comments in the past!

(btw, i worte this retarded article before i unboxed my brand new ps3 ... i'm still tingling in my happy place!!! =))))

sonarus5138d ago

hahaha tougName is officially an N4G celebrity. Knew it was only a matter of time before you gathered a following. He could have been a little more subtle with your name though

games4fun5138d ago

i agree with you and sonarus my major gripe was how laggy everything was i think that if this game is able to have dedicated servers implemented then i would definately go out and buy a 360 for gears 2 because lag was really my only gripe with the game. i had a blast playing gears online and i was really good but i got a ps3 as one game was not enough to sway me

shotgun ftw best gun in gears stops those chainsawing [email protected] in their tracks and blows them into chunks lol :)

Breakfast5138d ago

How the hell could i forget the more lag would make this game a hell of alot better.

Shaka2K65138d ago

Stop writting trash and get a life son.

yesah5138d ago

Mgs4 dosnt even need a list, already the best shooter of all time.

HuntTheWumpus5138d ago

I thought this side of the site is moderated?

I see all kinds of fanboy slams and people making names that are Xbox owners.

I don't want to point fingers at troublemakers but why are they all PS3 owners?

Sorry, didn't mean to feed the troll's (slowly walks away)

dan-boy5138d ago

which he clearly is, it's all the agrees that he people have actually agreed with the mindless drivel that he has been speaking

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Surfman5138d ago (Edited 5138d ago )

oh, writen by toughNAME, cool i won't read then.

FLOPbox 3605138d ago

toughNAME = A bigger joke then Zhuk.

No one is close to Power of Green, though. He is by far the biggest, most desperate 360 BABOON to ever troll N4G.

Gears 2 isn't going to be the biggest, best game this year(Gears and Deadrising are my favorite 360 Exclusives... I'mjust being real... Gears isn't going to be the best game this year... Resistance 2 is going to be just as good and better this time.. I don't know about Killzone 2 yet.... but Insomniac is STOKED about Resistance 2... they assure it will no longer be a launch title ;) ). IT HAS COMPETITION. Do you morons ACTUALLY think the 4-year-in-the-making Metal Gear Solid 4.... that will end the storty of Snake... possbily in death will be ran over by Unreal Engine shooter Gears of War? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH A game that, as Edge said themselves, The production values of the the end of MGS4 fit more for an ending of "The Return of the King"(Lord of the Rings), not Halo 3.

Take a hint BOTS. Or just sit and wait. MGS4 is going to be MIND BLOWING. Unlike anything we have seen so far this generation.

Keep doubting Resistance 2 and Killzone 2. They are going to be MASSIVE AAA games for the PS3.

I think LittleBigPlanet has a HUGEEE change of being an absolute phenomenon.

Another thing to keep in mind... I was listening to Insomniac's podc ast from last Thursday.... and they said the things Sony has coming to the PSN were HUGEEE... to the point where it was going to steal people from Xbox Live. They said Sony was either goign to start cahrging for online or Microsft would have to make theirs free... and they said it was NOTHING we have seen so far.... get ready BOTS...

There's a storm coming.

GiantEnemyCrab5138d ago

Nothing like a troll with a name like FlopBox accusing others of trolling while he trolls in a 360 THREAD rambling about RFOM and Killzone.

I don't even think you realize how stupid and ass backwards your whole comment/rant sounds.

I am going to simply say this. You fishheads claimed RFOM was going to kill Gears and Halo and it never did. Now you are setting yourself up for the same thing again.

1st to worst!

Shaka2K65138d ago

Then we can talk.
R2 60 players online totally destroys any FPS in the history of gaming only on PS3. (NO PC PORTS!!!!!!!)

Evil Rant Monkey5138d ago

What makes massive multiplayer so good? RFOM blew online. Don't own a PS3, but quite a few friends do. We all thought it blew.
Just bein' real son.

Grown Folks Talk5138d ago

& just like RFoM, it sucked. #s don't equate to quality, & if you've actually played Gears MP, you would know that having more than 5 or 6 per team would be a jumbled mess. That would be like having 2 teams of 20 on R6:V. Not very tactical, & defeats the purpose of the map dynamics.

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Lunch5138d ago

posted it,then approved it himself?talk about hustling!

Gears 2 needs more than 5 things to make it comparable to Half-Life,so we'll see how close Epic can get

Breakfast5138d ago (Edited 5138d ago )

Half-Life didnt have a multi-player...great single player though. I cant really say thats the best shooter because of that.

We all know breakfast is tastier then lunch :)...not so sure about brunch though....thats still open.

TheIneffableBob5138d ago

Half-Life: Deathmatch.

Good times.

Surfman5138d ago

i agree, Half Life was a badass game.

niall775138d ago

and have it on the back of the box too.

"now includes jump"

Ri0tSquad5138d ago

I knew Gears of War was missing something...

games4fun5138d ago

just add the jumping from UT in there minus the double jump

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