Xbox 360 HD DVD Player sold out at

Xbox 360 owners have nabbed enough Xbox 360 HD DVD Players to sell out the initial allocation at

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power of Green 4462d ago

When does the god dam thing come out?.

TOM4462d ago

got mine through EB and was first on the list .went back 3 days after the price was anounced and they had 20 preorders.
I'm in a fairly small twon so this must be a good sign

richie007bond4462d ago

I got my new VGA cable for my 360 the other day,what a difference it makes a lot sharper and more colourfull and dvds played throught the 360 is mind blowing muche better than my 500 quid dvd player,so if normal dvd looks this good GOD knows how much better HD DVD will look,ill be snapping up one of theses babys up when there launched...

Marriot VP4462d ago

yah I just bought a vga for my samsung 23 lcd HDTV that I'm buying any day now. Also I'm using a old school crt 19" monitor right now so it works out perfectly. My PC is gonna be connected through DVI to HDMI in the samsung, and 360 though VGA.

Upscaled DVD's anyone, Woooohoooo. I've got my next gen set up right here, can't wait to get my vga in the mail. Also get your VGA here, for 26 bucks after shipping.

HyperBear4462d ago

Yea my Samsung 32" LCD HDTV has got a lot of hook-ups already. I my 360 instead of a computer in the VGA slot, I already have 1 HDMI slot in use of my HD STB, and the other one will be used PS3. Then the component cables will be for my Wii, (i heard Wii will have component cables for ppl who have HDTV's so the picture doesnt turn out fuzzy, but the games still will not be in HD). and then ive got 2 composite plug-ins w/ S-Video and those are for my Xbox 1 and PS2. Ill have 5 systems pluged in at once. Thats gonna be sweet. Cant Wait.

P.S. - Would someone please read that and see if those are right hook-ups. Like its ok for 360-VGA, PS3-HDMI, Wii-Component and Xbox and PS2 for S-Video-Composite?. Thanks.

PS360WII4462d ago

yea I have this bought and paid for at Gamestop all I have to do is walk in a grab it. I even have a few extra HD-DVD's to enjoy with my King Kong one I get for free ^^

power of Green 4462d ago

High Def Digest reviewer Peter M. Bracke gave the definitive nod to the HD DVD:

"In our first head-to-head comparison, we found the HD DVD to be superior. The unfortunate cropping of the Blu-ray image, coupled with more noticeable compression artifacts and an overall darker cast, can't compete with the more consistently pleasing presentation of the HD DVD ... I must say, our first Blu-ray versus HD DVD comparisons continue to yield surprises. I wasn't expecting to see much difference in video quality between the two formats with 'Rumor Has It...', yet the two discs did bear noticeable differences, with the HD DVD boasting better detail and a more film-like look."
Bracke used the Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player and a Toshiba HD-XA1 HD DVD player for the comparison, and said the Blu-ray version had more compression artifacts in the single-layer Training Day disc, was less bright, and was cropped on the sides, giving HD DVD the nod for superior picture quality. In the dual-layer Kiss Kiss Bang Bang disc, it was harder to tell the difference between the two formats, although the reviewer still gave a nod to HD DVD quality, as he did with the third title, Rumor Has It. So, round 1 goes to HD DVD.

Arkham4462d ago

You do know that piece is out of date, don't you? I would hope that's the reason for you unintentionally misleading people. Even his follow-up comparison is almost 2 months old.

According to Peter Bracke's Round *Two*:

"That said, with all things being equal and this second round of comparisons being apples to apples -- same title, same master, same codec, same supplemental material -- it is telling that I found it almost impossible to detect any differences between the Blu-ray and HD DVD discs."

The bottom line is that it's still too early to tell if there is/will ever be any substantially quantifiable difference between the two formats in terms of picture quality.

In the format war, the main battle is in terms of consumer acceptance/installation base. Picture quality was barely more than an initial skirmish.

power of Green 4462d ago

Thanks i guess i was a little behind an no i did not misslead people on purpose. I don't agree with the end of your post two players with the same qaulity?, the one thats cheapest will win even if there was tens of thousands of the more exspensive player out first.

power of Green 4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

Price Matters More Than Ever

One thing hasn't yet changed, however -- Blu-ray hardware and software is still generally more expensive than HD DVD. Sure, we early adopters are used to paying big prices for our new toys. But when even a comparatively"cheap" $500 player and $29 discs makes the average consumer balk at HD DVD, what do you think their reaction is going to be when Blu-ray sticker shock sets in? That $1000 price tag for the Samsung is pretty steep even for diehard tech-heads, not to mention those upcoming $40 discs from Fox and MGM.

Of course prices, too, will evolve. And they are going to have to if Blu-ray hopes to truly entrench itself as a mainstream consumer product. HD DVD, too. Eventually, players on both formats have to start hitting the below-$300 mark, and discs routinely need to be priced at $20 or less. Only then will the Average Joe even think about jumping into the next-gen format war -- and it's still going to be a tough sell.

None of this has any bearing on the quality of either format, of course. And value for money is unique to the individual plunking down the cash. But when and if all things become equal, and both Blu-ray and HD DVD are indistinguishable in terms of video and audio quality and depth of supplemental features, price will become even more important in deciding the format war. In fact, I think it will be absolutely crucial, even more than studio support. Let's face it, we're a nation of cheap Americans who want the biggest bang for the smallest buck. Price will always matter, regardless of quality. Just ask the Betamax.
(Why i dissagree with your opinion As of right now the more exspinsive "could" have millions more sofware and hardware on the market first, people will just do what they've always done and go with the product thats about the same qaulity but cheaper, so a bigger installed base will not produce the winner rather it will be what's more practical.)

drewdrakes4462d ago

I didnt know this many people were interested in the HD DVD player. Good for Toshiba, and a little for Microsoft.

HyperBear4462d ago

HD DVD, not to start flame wars, but is a better quality of DVD and HD than Blu-Ray. Of course I will be getting the PS3 aqs well, and try the Blu-Ray there, but ill be using my PS3 mainly for games and then 360 will be used for gaes and HD DVD Movies. WHOOHOO.

Marriot VP4462d ago

wait a second hyper, your going to get a PS3 and 360 with a HD-DVD add on for movies but not use the PS3 for blu-ray movies....

Dang that's taking a stand against BR

HyperBear4462d ago

I think HD DVD movies are slightly better than those of Blu-Ray, but its nice to see Blu-Ray Video Games isnt it. Thats why im getting PS3. It would have been nice if M$ had thought of making HD DVD video games for 360, that would be sweet. But they left it to the alst minute and then said "oh well were going to make HD DVD drive an external add-on, no games will wun HD DVD discs. Its sad, really. But Blu-Ray is good for Games, HD DVD is better for movies.

THWIP4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

"It would have been nice if M$ had thought of making HD DVD video games for 360, that would be sweet. But they left it to the alst minute and then said "oh well were going to make HD DVD drive an external add-on, no games will wun HD DVD discs"
Sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about. MS didn't "wait until the last minute"....they decided on DVD-9 a few years ago, when they first started designing the 360. Of course, at that time, there WAS no "format war", and therefore was no reason to even consider anything else. They were partnered with Toshiba in the development of the HD-DVD format, but first drives wouldn't be ready in time to test/use them with the 360. If they'd done like Sony, and waited...they wouldn't have the 6 million + unit advantage that they have now.
DVD-9 will still be more than adequate for at least 2-3 more years; in that time, MS will have A.) announced the compatibility of the HD-DVD add-on for games, B.) announced a new "Premium" 360 with integrated HD-DVD, or C.) will already be well into R&D on their next console, which will DEFINITELY use HD-DVD for it's format.

HyperBear4462d ago

I meant to say that it was too late for them(M$) to implement a internal HD DVD Drive by the time Xbox 360 was released. So srry bout that. But i actually do know what im talking about, just worded wrong. But still, its no biggy. It just would have been nice to see some HD DVD games along with Blu-Ray, cause then not only could we tell the difference between HD DVD and Blu-Ray Movies, but also HD DVD and Blu-Ray Games. But i guess the PS3 and Blu-Ray games will be sweet. Not to leave out DVD-9, cause truth be told, ill be playing my 360 more than the PS3 just cause the amount of games i like on the 360 compared to the PS3 are almost doubled for the 360. But there are good games for both which is why im getting both of them, and plus the HD DVD Drive for 360 is good, so that i can have the best of both worlds with Blu-Ray and HD DVD.

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