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ZBlacktt3444d ago

Looks like a great action movie.

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finbars753444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Not to sure about this trailer.Not really the best trailer out of the series to me.I cant really care much for the SP any more.Just finished Black ops2 and MWF3 and they really have slipt in that department.Feel that its gotten away from what the COD franchise is all about.BFBC had great storys but BF3 was more of what real war is about.I still thought the BF3 story was dull but thats probally becasue where use to playing these over the top SP from Activision that are so far fetched it really leaves no imagination to the mind and are so forgetful.The MP is the same way to me as well.COD really hasnt been that great since MW4 WAW and Black Ops1.Found after that its just rehashed blandness and no fun making the game easier so even a 4 year old can pick it up and play.BF has done things right in there MP and haven given you more of a in depth gameplay that lets you play the game in different angles.Well we will see in a few weeks wont we.

dcj05243444d ago

BO1 was the second and last cod for me. MW3 ended any interest in the series

HammadTheBeast3443d ago

Just watch this over and over, and you'll get all the enjoyment of CoD without spending a cent.

RedDevils3443d ago

TBH almost every FPS story shit

abzdine3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

"The most remarkable game i have experienced this year" Craveonline..
"Breathtaking" IGN

is this a joke? media is rotten to the bone these days

@HammadTheBeast: haha sharknado :D

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ritsuka6663444d ago

Dog taking down a helicopter?

Surely the jump the shark moment of COD. Pathetic.

HighResHero3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

I thought that was one of the series' high points.

Welp looks like they might have to start milking a different franchise pretty soon.

quenomamen3444d ago

Great action movie, shitty game

ginsunuva3443d ago

Still a bad action movie.

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hqgamez3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

damn you beat me to the post.
anyways, I think COD has one thing greater than Battlefield and that's the story. Honestly. BF3 story was just rubbish.

Pandamobile3444d ago

I still enjoy Call of Duty's single player games ever year.

Battlefield's multiplayer is where it's at though.

ape0073444d ago

i like BF's multiplayer but to me CoD MP is better

my fav bf game was Bad Company 2

Irishguy953444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Agree the Cod campaigns are always good, people love to complain about Cod being an Action movie and then let Uncharted sexually molest them like it's the second coming of Sony

Although in saying that, Blops was my last Cod. I don't beleive the quality of the Campaigns has changed from what i've heard. But I don't buy it due to the lack of...advancement.

AusRogo3443d ago

@IrishGuy Uncharted 2 was pretty much the second coming in gaming for Sony lol it set the bar reeeeaaal high. The hatred for Sony is strong in this one.

dcj05243444d ago

You should play modern combat, or Bad Company 1. Fanstatic story lol. Bad company 1 felt like a good comedic book but in game form. You should look up BF4's plot. It sounds interesting. It even has three endings!

DestinyHeroDoomlord3443d ago

How many endings did mass effect 3 have again?...

Dirtnapstor3443d ago

Hope you're right about BF4's story. I liked BF3's story, but I feel like the COD franchises fleshes out their stories more thoroughly.
I want Bad Company 3 and it's story to flourish. Loved that squad!

MP crown goes to Battlefield!

KwietStorm_BLM3443d ago

You guys really play COD and Battlefield for the story? The only FPS games with a story even worth mentioning are the ones that don't have multiplayer at all.

Nicxel3443d ago

Master Chief should slap you

spicelicka3443d ago

Exactly, what halo has in terms of overall amazing campaign, story, and multiplayer package, not many games can even compare. Most importantly it has a soul.

Regardless, battlefield large scale multiplayer is awesome, the campaign was great I'm BC, but too cod like in bf3. Cods multiplayer was only worth it during cod4 days, even the story was good, since then its been a freakin movie after b-rated movie. I could literally not go past level 2 im BO2.

joe903443d ago

Gordon Freeman should slap you

Feralkitsune3443d ago

@Nicxel, I would agree with you if Halo didn't shit on it's own lore in the games. The Halo Books, comics, and etc are leagues better than the games in terms of story simple because of how they are consistent.

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MuhammadJA3443d ago

Also, the replay value is better in the CoD games. Just look at what you get with every game unlike BF.

Rageanitus3443d ago

The thing that makes COD different from BF is its more action orientated.

I find that there is less enemies on a BF game and at times you notice how bad the AI performs.

Not saying COD has great AI but you dont notice it as much when there is just so many enememies swarming to you.

ginsunuva3443d ago

I'm pretty sure both stories suck a lot. So it doesn't really matter which shit story is better.

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Endless_X3444d ago

Updated with HD version, still not the best quality though.

GarrusVakarian3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

You know, im a hypocrite because ive given this franchise ALOT of crap even though ive played each and every game and enjoyed their single players and multi players. Sometimes i have to remind myself what videogames are supposed to be, FUN, and to be honest i think i would enjoy this single player. Maybe even the MP.

Sometimes you just have to take a fun/mindless action game for what it and stop being a videogame snob XD.

Ripsta7th3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Lol this is the kind of responses i see a little before it launches, yet after everyone is gonna come back and bash it on how its the same as the year before... after buying it and playing the shiit out of it

GarrusVakarian3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Yeah, because you know me so well /s

You have two bubbles, are you actively trying to lose them?

I stand by my past comments of saying its the same game year in year out, but i also enjoy playing them year in year out. At least im man enough to admit im a hypocrite in that sense.

Neixus3443d ago


Wow dude, calm down. He didn't talk about you, he meant generally that people say things like you did before the game releases.

HammadTheBeast3443d ago

To be honest.

It's a s*** game.

It's so basic.


I did play the last few for a bit and then sold them for one reason. Everyone buys it, so it's fun with friends.

DestinyHeroDoomlord3443d ago

Fool hardcore gamers don't play games for fun... sarcasm