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"But Beyond: Two Souls is far worse than convenient, facile, and ridiculous. It’s overall tone is low-key and morose, without energy or enthusiasm. Scenes drag out, with long pauses. Glances shift awkwardly. Character models fidget. This is about an eight hour game, but I’d estimate two or three of those hours are pregnant pauses."

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Walker2837d ago

Good review from tom chick !

InTheLab2837d ago

Tom chick is everything that's wrong with reviews and the fools that follow him are even worse.

@ Tom Chick
It's not working. Just give it up.

HammadTheBeast2837d ago

Just like the 6/10 for Uncharted, 4/10 for Halo, and 6/10 for Last of Us, right?

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PraxxtorCruel2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

With such varied reviews I'm going to wait until its £10. It might be great and it might also be the opposite.

FriedGoat2837d ago

I'm going to wait until it's next to nothing too, EU blanket censorship AGAIN by Sony. Second hand for me I'm not encouraging my game being altered in the UK because of Germanies stupid laws.

Why cant they just make separate censored german versions like they used to, or like Microsoft do?

DOMination-2837d ago

Because they can't be arsed and don't care about consumers as much as N4G thinks

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