THEY invades the UK with new information, trailers

It's a complete blow-out on THEY information! PS3 Fanboy haven't heard much of this "mystery FPS" set in the UK in a good while, but now they got movies and some new information.

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Fishy Fingers3885d ago

It's in the PS3 section only, yet when the prompt to use the Flashlight came on screen it showed "F".

PC to then?

TruthBTold3885d ago

havent heard much about the game except last time we saw the previous videos which reminded me of FF the spirits within so I only saw PS3 but didnt research to be sure it wasnt multi but sonarus gave me the heads up quickly so its fixed.

Palodios3885d ago

maybe F stands for flashlight? The video isn't loading for me, so I can't see it, but it seems reasonable that F would just stand for flashlight instead of the 'f' key. Games have used in game displays for so long, maybe they decided to do it a little differently?

solar3885d ago

the atmosphere looks pretty cool. the gameplay looked kinda blah from that video. however i might be scary horror fun. ill have to keep an eye on it.

Jayson 3603885d ago

Wow,is this Ps3 only?it looks great,has the quality of a Playstation game