This is how Driving Over Zombies in Xbox One Exclusive Dead Rising 3 Looks Like

The Xbox One exclusive zombie-slaughtering action game Dead Rising 3 is being demonstrated at the Area One event in Chicago, and a new clip just surfaced.

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Ksar2538d ago

I just remembered why i'm getting this console day one :)

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bmx_bandit2538d ago


Dont waste your time. For People like Nature trolling is everything they have in life. I would invite him for a beer, but i dont know if hes old enough.

Sad life he has.

4Sh0w2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Yeah he and a few other haters follow X1 more than they follow ps4 which they claim to like so much= jealous & not confident in their purchase. Unfortunately they need X1 to fail to improve their self esteem sad, sad life indeed.

I hope we get a fresh new amazing direct-feed vid for DR3 like we did for Ryse they are definitely 2 of the standout launch games.

Shadonic2538d ago

have fun man I know im going to miss not having it while im on the PS4 until Halo 5 Out ( if its good )

Anzil2538d ago

look how bad those mechanics are!!!

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Nitrowolf22538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Not meaning to troll or anything, but I notice this during the first reveal and now I notice it here. Anyone else bother, despite the fact that there are a shit ton of zombies, most of them are just stationed even after hitting them or causing very load noises none of them seem to react like you would expect them to?

I mean, clearly when the car explodes at the 12:00 mark, even at such a close range it's like they completely ignore that it even happened. IDK, I didn't play much of the original 2 Dead Rising or the DLC, so IDK if that's just how they are in the game.

Abriael2538d ago

Shouldn't zombies be, by definition, pretty unresponsive?

Nitrowolf22538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

well of course, but by that much? I mean, if there's one thing all Zombie games have in common it's that Zombies are attracted by noise. My main issue with the original e3 demo was that they used flares that attracted hoards of them,as if they were sensititve to light, yet a car on fire didn't do jack. I am not trying to nitpick here, it's just something that annoyed me, especially since we get number boasting when the majority of them don't do anything until you are within punching distance.

I know it';s not the finished version, and I don't blame MS for anything presented in this demo. It is all Capcom here, and lets be honest when it comes to Capcom, they love cutting corners.


don't get me wrong, that's how I like my zombies, slow (Daylight zombies are pretty awesome though to), but not this slow. I feel as if there's absolutely no danger in these early showings, it's like I cna makes as much noise and not care.

I just have an issue whenever a developer boasts and plays the number game yet have almost nothing going on screen with said numbers.

The WWZ zombies were too fast for my movie taste. It's like whenever they weren't inside a building they were super zombies.

Abriael2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

To be honest, I loved the zombies in World War Z, but in the end they just didn't feel like Zombies. They were like zombie velociraptors lol.

My idea of zombies is them being slow at responding, ambling aimlessly and ignoring pain. Probably the coming of a car would be too sudden for my idea of zombies to react. But that's just me.

NoLongerHereCBA2538d ago

I actually agree with Nitrowolf2. I would expect that an exploding car would attract attention of the zombies if they are being drawn by light and sound.

The game looks great nonetheless and it looks like a ton of fun :)

Foxgod2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Yeah, classic zombies have much lower intelligence then animals (almost zero), so their instinct is very basic.
A classic zombie would do no more then lash put a bit here and there.

The modern zombie we all got used to however, is on par with rogue animals in terms of intelligence, and thus are a lot more intelligent, the zombies in World war z have hive awareness meaning that those zombies communicate with each other.

Due to modern zombies we have forgotten what the original zombies behave like.

Pogmathoin2538d ago

I will look really hard to find some negative things about this game and report back, go take a break... not meaning to be a troll or anything.... smh.... This will be my Day 1 game now that Watch Dogs has been delayed...

Ezz20132538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )


i don't know about that
don't remember zombies in any movies or show didn't react to light,sound,blood

but this is not a big deal though

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HolyDuck2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Not to mention it isn't the final game.

Also, I think with a game like this, if zombies were to react to every noise you would be swarmed all the time, potentially ruining the whole experience.

Love how he survived the explosion...

Nitrowolf22538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

yea that's true, but because it's Capcom I always see it as them cutting corners. I don't mean that every single zombie should respond to it, it just bothers me that an explosion can happen that close to a hoard and yet they won't react unless your in punching distance of them. It's to early to say like you said, but 3-4 months after the first reveal and it's still the same type of reaction radius bothers me.

The only improvement I see in since the E3 build is that they aren't frozen in place now, as in zero movement. I notice that they are slugging in place,which did bother me in the original E3 demo when they were just statues, so the final build will obviously be better.

Also at anyone sitting thinking "wow this guy is really complaining about them not reacting to sound?!!" you gotta look at it from a gameplay point of view. Sound is always an important gameplay feature whenever it comes to zombie games. It's to distract them or lure them away/to traps.

FamilyGuy2538d ago

Lol that's your complaint, mindless zombies?
Lol, I'm more concerned with the "OMG my car just exploded with me in it and it's engulfed in flames, I better hop out before I get hurt"...

Yeah... wtf?

I like 28 days/weeks later zombies the most, World War Z zombies were cool because they had a flaw I haven't seen in other zombie movies or games aaand they ran fast. I never understood how people got killed by the slow walking zombies.

Nitrowolf22538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

people got killed by slow walking zombies in shows/movies, ect because they are still pretty silent and are lured by sounds. I mean, you gotta understand as I stated in another comment above. Sound is an important part of gameplay when it comes to a zombie game. It can be used to distract large hoards and even create traps. The car exploding with him still in it didn't even phase me the first time TBH XD. I was expecting a swarm to walk in.

Foxgod makes a good point though, but like I stated if they are base don that kind of zombies then why did they make it a mechanic for them to react so much to a flare.

Am_Ryder2538d ago

Did you play the earlier Dead Rising games?

Zombies are mad responsive. It takes them a few seconds to notice you, but once they do, they swarm.

I think the speed that the car is travelling at is too quick for the zombie to wake up to, in order to follow it. The car exploding would definitely attract tons of them- but this is slow, shambling zombies we're talking about here. See the very end of the video where he runs away, jumping? If he did a 180 and looked at the direction he came from, I bet you there'd be hundreds of zombies stumbling towards him.

You can't really tell from this short video, but that's the way it always worked in the earlier games. There's no reason it would get a downgrade here. It would only get an upgrade.

hades072538d ago

What are you talking about, the video cuts out a second after the car blows up. It isn't long enough to be able to tell how the zombies react.

AnthonyJrWTF2538d ago

I went to the Xbox One event in Philly. This was an old tech demo of the game. Assuming the new builds change this.

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from the beach2538d ago

Increasingly tempted to get this.. looks awesome.

PR0X12538d ago

I am kinda sad the Xbox one will not be released this year in my country. I want to play Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, TitanFall and Ryse. I still have my PS4 pre-order but don't know what to play on it. I might cancel my BF4 PC pre-order and go for the PS4 otherwise sell it on ebay. Really sucks that ubisoft let us pre-order the ps4 with watchdogs and than cancels it. They even made ads with 2 months is more than enough in Los Santos. The next gen launch for my country sucks.

JackISbacK2538d ago

i was also facing same problem with xbox one but ps4 will come to my country this year ,and i will get my xbox one from U.S.A because my broyher will bring it for me and all exclusive and some sellected 3rd party games.
i will buy titanfall ,assassins creed ,battlefield4 and cod ghost for my pc.

DanielGearSolid2538d ago

Never played Dead Rising, hate repetitive gameplay, Definitely NOT a zombie fan. With that being sad, can somebody, who's played previous games maybe, explain to me what makes this game exciting? I'm geniunely asking here

Abriael2538d ago

Mindless, festive slaughter of zillions of bodies in a zillion of ways, basically.

mhunterjr2538d ago

You know, I wish i could explain it. I felt the same way as you until i downloaded dr2 (it was free on games with gold). I absolutely loved it, and I still don't know why. The controls were awful, there isn't much in terms of AI (these are zombies), the boss battles were archaic in design. The mission structure was repetitive (go to location, wait through several loading screens, recover something/someone, bring them back) The list of complaints could go on forever. But still it was the most fun I'd had from a game in a very long time.

I find this one exciting because it appears to address the biggest complaints (load times, mission structure, clunky controls). Hopefully what's left is the 'x factor' that got me hooked on dr2.

fghtrer3fb5erg2538d ago

Zombies everywhere, M$ is trying to make this game look like a killer app, nothing exciting about this game, it may look better than the previous games but thats all its got, xboxone is all about zombies, wars and violence, it makes knack look so much better and funner.

bmx_bandit2538d ago

Obviously u never played DR1 and DR2.
The pressure of time, the bosses, the weapons, the strategy, the fun.

So you know Knack is better because u played both?
So funner IS better?

Alright, bro.

Am_Ryder2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Something which isn't publicised very much is the fact that the game has a LOT of heavy RPG elements. This can really hook you in.

Dead Rising games take place over a few days of sped-up time. So at the end of (on average) five in-game days, the place will get blown up and it will be game over.

And Story Missions (which are usually okay) and Survivor Missions (people you're trying to rescue and get to safety) are surprisingly compelling. Not to mention they're on strict time limits. Say a story event will happen at 1300 on the first day- if you miss the event by more than half an hour in-game, the mission is gone forever. You just have to keep trucking.

You only have 5 days in which to do... whatever you want. Do the missions/ rescues. Or just go mad killing people.

You have experience, items, skills and abilities which level up and stuff. You can also customise your dress.

When the 5 days are up, you keep your character, stats, items, and restart the story or play other modes. You can literally play the 5 days of the campaign over and over and over and keep finding new stuff to do and try to get different endings.

I have huge problems with it, but it's an awesome series.

bmx_bandit2537d ago


No other game had this "Damn, im too late. I need to hurry to get back"-Feeling.


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