The Best Android RPGs of All Time: Hardcore Droid

Every game is an adventure, whether you’re spin-kicking the mullets off of street fighters or laying waste to a blasted hellscape with your trusty rocket launcher. (Or even playing something more pacifistic, like a particularly devilish puzzler.) But when an adventure turns into a journey, and a journey into a campaign…then, friends, you’ve got yourself an RPG. Role-playing games are some of the most popular videogames for sale today, and no wonder—the combination of an engaging story and exhilarating combat is a guaranteed hit, if it’s executed well.

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daveddy19721827d ago

How is avabel not on this list,its one of the best rpg's there is on Android and very free

HardcoreDroid1821d ago

What's the release date on Avabel?

Looks great. I'll give it a try, maybe it'll make our Most Hardcore List.

HardcoreDroid1821d ago

And free is a very relative term when it comes to mobile games. I find that free more often than not means huge pain in the &%(*$#. Though, like I said, will give Avabel a run through for sure.