Rumor: Ninja Theory hiring for a new project, could be Enslaved sequel

Ninja Theory seems to be hiring new staff for one of their projects. A listing on their site indicates that they have a bunch of console projects coming up and seeing the re-release of Enslaved on PC, it is not hard to imagine that they might be working on the eventual Enslaved sequel.

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black0o2096d ago

i beat enslaved in one night .. man i just couldnt stop playing

i wish this to be true and they make the damn game bigger and longer

DarkLordMalik2096d ago

The ending definitely left me asking for more.

PoSTedUP2096d ago

nice i remember when this was in PShome. the demo was good jus never got around to buying it.

minimur122096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

funny thing is, I just bought Enslaved yesterday!

but didn't they tease that new project in that video?

But how did they come to the conclusion of an Enslaved sequel?
It seems theyre just hiring and engine programmer for a new engine for their next gen game

sdozzo2096d ago

Really fun game though. Looked nice. Quick but nice.

EZMickey2096d ago

I would actually love to see a Heavenly Sword sequel. I felt that it's a shame it never got more love. Enslaved 2 would also be cool especially if it's next gen because that could mean Ninja Theory would have it on Unreal Engine 4 and I'm anxious to see what that engine is capable of.

I'll be disappointed Capcom doesn't follow up on the DMC reboot, but I would be even more disappointed if they didn't go back to classic Devil May Cry and do it right. Just pick one, Capcom, don't reboot it again.

PoSTedUP2096d ago

pssh heavenly sword was sooo epic. oh man i just got teary eyed thinking about HS2 on the ps4. would love to see them make a sequel.

minimur122096d ago

I put some deep thought into this, and what would the sequel be of, thoguh?

I mean Nariko's story has ended, a new story with a different person would just be a new IP labeled Heavenly Sword

-Foxtrot2096d ago


"Nariko's story has ended"

or has it?

NT were going to do a sequel years ago anyway where she has to escape hell and return to the living world. I'm pretty sure they can bring her back

ATi_Elite2096d ago

Heavenly Sword 2 PS4 is gonna happen.

I've been told and now I'm telling YOU!

(actually It's been slightly hinted at by Sony execs because so many SOny gamers want it including NON SOny gamers like myself)

hulk_bash19872096d ago (Edited 2096d ago )

Story and presentation in this game was the tits. More combat variety would have been nice though. Ninja Theory isn't my favorite Dev by any means but I did enjoy this game, so I wouldn't mind a sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.