“The Last of Us Has Ruined Games for Me”

Twinfinite: "Even though I’m sure you’re all aware, I have to say it, The Last of Us is a marvelous game. It excels in almost every way: storytelling, gameplay, design, and even the multiplayer..."

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ape0071922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

" I have to say it, The Last of Us is a marvelous game. It excels in almost every way: storytelling, gameplay, design, and even the multiplayer"

absolutely, I've been playing games since i was 4 on, i started on famicom and indeed the last of us is one of the greatest games of all time

it's one of the few games that combines incredible narrative/story telling with GREAT SUBSTANCE

Ezz20131922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

well said, that's how i feel about it too

HebrewHammer1922d ago

A game hasn't hit me this hard since Half-Life 2 in 2004.

sprinterboy1922d ago

Disagreed cause heavy rain was awesome but half life 2 was great too bra

itBourne1922d ago

Finally see an article talking about the horrid aiming system from uc3, and good god that mp was bad.

itBourne1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Dang why so many down votes, its not opinion, it is an absolute fact that the aiming system was broke in uc3 single player on release..

As far as the mp, well I wasnt sure if I was playing CoD in 3rd person or Uncharted. Such a shame, UC2 was one of the best mps this gen too.

crxss1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

I agree the sp aiming mechanics are still "broken" unless you turn the sensitivity all the way up, then it's manageable. For those that disagree should google "uncharted 3 aiming". As for the MP, it wasn't terrible and was still fun but not polished. Gunplay is still unbalanced in that game

itBourne1921d ago

Well it wasnt just how slow the aiming is, the aiming system was literally on a grid, you could not go in a diagonal direction. The mp was nothing like UC2, it was yet another CoD inspired shit multiplayer.

mistertwoturbo1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

I know I'm part of a minority. But I was bored to death with the last of us. I ended up trading it in towards killzone merc. Strange because uncharted is my absolute favorite this generation and love naughty dog.

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Jamaicangmr1922d ago

I agree with the quote except for multiplayer i didn't enjoy multiplayer. Way too much grinding so i got bored and went back to BF3.

Excellent game though most engaging and riveting i have ever played. Even more so than Uncharted, i don't remember playing a game that made me forget it's a game more than TLOU, even better than Uncharted and we all know that's pushing it.

Game of this generation in my opinion.

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ironfist921922d ago

It was a great game yes but, its not the second coming of jesus christ :/

ginsunuva1922d ago

It's the third.

UC2 was the second.

PoSTedUP1922d ago

'glad i wasnt drinking milk XD

ion531922d ago

Just out of interest, what's the first?

perdie1922d ago

@ion53 um... the first coming of christ would be the first time he came.... so... yeah.

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pkb791922d ago

I think the 2nd coming of Christ has way to much hype and we will be disappointed if/when it finally gets here.

Xsilver1922d ago

Last of us makes allot of games feel lacking.

ape0071922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

exactly, especially the linear games of today,Last of us feel like old great game but in nextgen

games like Resi 4, half life 2, turok 2, silent hell 2, bioshock(a modern one) etc..........

those old masterful games

scofios1922d ago

you may add RE1&2 , shadow of the colussus , Ico, metal gear's ,gta, to your list of great games .

ifritAlkhemyst1922d ago

It's not that good. Really it isn't. Games on the PC from the 90's were playing with adult themes and mature storylines long before this game. Many of them are better told than TLoU too.

God, TLoU and it's praise pisses me off.

hulk_bash19871922d ago

Why? If you don't like it then don't play it. No point in trolling any praise it gets.

showtimefolks1922d ago

Think about it you said 90s on PC yet many of those same experience were never brought to consoles till now, but don't take anything away from ND please show some respect

Studios like ND,Kojima,RS etc, do excellent work

Don't be a hater

ifritAlkhemyst1922d ago

Actually, I never really considered that. I guess what annoys me is the lack of gaming history the average gamer has. That and the increasing focus on narrative over gameplay.

showtimefolks1922d ago

You know I kind of agree with you, I had a lot of fun with heavy rain,indigo prophecy and asura wrath but when I finished B2S I felt like there wasn't enough gameplay. And that's coming from someone who is ok with QTE, story and gameplay should go together we shouldn't have to choose one over another

That's why I liked the last of us so much, it gave us best of both worlds

Tiqila1922d ago

true, tlou has insanely fun gameplay and on top of that really well crafted characters and a great story. Cant ask for more.

KillerPigeon1922d ago


The problem isn't to do with a more/less focus on narrative or gameplay. It's to do with a loss of perspective. A failure to empathize with the user and actually deliver truly powerful emotions and a clearly defined experience.

Don't get me wrong, new mechanics and revolutionary dynamics are great and now and then become imperative. But in the end, they're nothing if you can't spring forth these emotions in players.

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Heisenburger1922d ago

You're pissed because people enjoy something?

Is your life that friggin miserable??

Holy freaking crap.

That's the saddest thing I have seen in a while...

ifritAlkhemyst1922d ago

Oh Heisenburger. Are you pissed because someone else is pissed that people enjoy something?

HolyDuck1922d ago

You actually saw him being pissed off at people liking something?

What's with all your paragraphs

Holy freaking crap.

Typing for you must be pretty arduous to keep hitting enter every 5 words.

Anyway, I read it, I didn't actually see it happen, would love to talk about how you saw someone being pissed at people liking something.

Pintheshadows1922d ago

'God, TLoU and it's praise pisses me off'.

Reading comprehension. It is important HolyDuck, I was about to say they'll teach you it in school but you are in Humberside so I am not so sure.

PoSTedUP1922d ago

@pintheshadows- i tried to gives you a burn bubble but dare wuz no bubbles for burn. -_-

MysticStrummer1922d ago

What does Duck's comment even mean??? The guy said he was was pissed off, so people take it at face value. What does that have to do with seeing it happen? Damn, trolls are weird sometimes.

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hulk_bash19871922d ago

Thank you for the nightmares. I've hated Pennywise since I watched It as a kid.

Bathyj1922d ago

We all float down here

FriedGoat1922d ago

Oh yes Georgie, they float.

andrewer1922d ago

Yeah indeed there is too much praise. I understand it's a good game, but in my "top games of all time" the most recent one that joined was Assassin's Creed II, the rest are all at PS2/Gamecube generation or before it. I judge a game for the fun I have while playing it, not graphics, music, plot or anything specific haha, just the overall fun itself. And I just didn't have as much fun with TLoU as with Contra or even Dig Dug rofl. But that's just me :D

90Supra1922d ago

stick to Wii Sports buddy...

MysticStrummer1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

You might want to consider the possibility that what you think is fun might differ from someone else's idea of fun. I think the Assassin's Creed series is one of the most overrated of all time, but you have as much right to put AC2 in your all time list as someone else does to put TLoU in theirs.

andrewer1922d ago

@90Supra *sigh*
1 - "MY 'top games of all time'...
2 - "I judge a game for the fun I have while playing it"
3 - "But that's just me :D"
I am talking about myself. I think there is too much praise indeed, but never said one shouldn't do it, I just think that this lets other good games down. For example, for me Watch Dogs is better than TLoU, but whenever I try to say that I'm decapitated lol, there is no space for other games, and that pisses me off, but I don't care what you like, I mean, you can like whatever you like and it's not my business, I know that. Just stating me and my opinion.

FriedGoat1922d ago

So your saying a game that you have never played and is not even released is better than TLOU? Great.

andrewer1922d ago

@FriedGoat Yeah, my hype for Watch Dogs keeps it way above TLoU. It's this. The idea behind it...hell I have fun only by watching gameplay of it. Problem?

McScroggz1921d ago

You're entitled to your idea of fun, and I'm not even trying to imply I think you're opinion is wrong. However, one can easily counter your argument.

To people who love Horror movies, they don't have fun in the traditional sense. The build up of tension, release of tension, then build up of tension again is an emotional roller coaster that a lot of people enjoy a lot. The Last of Us, for many, is fun in this sense. You cannot distill fun into one specific emotion, and regardless not all games have to be fun.

For me, I play games to be engaged. Whether it's an exhilarating, arcady shooter, a suspenseful survival/horror game or a thought provoking indie game I just want something out of a game. For me, The Last of Us was incredibly fulfilling in this regard. So if you didn't think it was fun that's ok, but don't project your idea of fun as the end all, be all definition for our medium.

andrewer1921d ago

@McScroggz rofl I get your point, but I actually have a lot of fun when I'm scared, I love horror games when they really get me. For me it's funny the tension sensation haha. But I get you, each one has a playstyle and a reason for why they play. I'm just saying that mine doesn't match TLoU...

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Heisenburger1922d ago

Damn... Heisenburger feels so sorry for you.


Pintheshadows1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Haha, if you say so you useless troll. Nothing on the PC throughout the 90's even comes close to this level of emotional engagement or mature and well constructed story telling. And I played almost everything in the 90's. Everything.

You clearly have issues within if the praise it is getting actually annoys you. I guess you haven't actually played it. It wouldn't surprise me. A stupid statement born of ignorance.

Maybe you could flesh out why you think this or maybe you can't as it will reveal your deception.

Dante811922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Gabriel Knight Sins of the Fathers and Blood Omen Legacy of Kain would like a word with you.

itBourne1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Movies played with all that before games, and books before that. Does that mean we should never praise anything ever again? Lol, so i take it you dont like a single book or movie made in the past 10 years as well?

Pintheshadows1922d ago

Originality is pretty much dead in the water at this point across all form of fictional media. Sad but true. Even the very best use cliches that have existed for years. What you have to do is identify the ones that do it brilliantly and give them the credit they deserve for making something that has been overdone feel fresh and different. I feel TLOU achieves this goal and then some. Yeah, on the face of it, it is a zombie outbreak game, but dig, and it is so much more than that. In fact the main premise only really acts as a canvas for the drama between Ellie and Joel to unfold.

Bathyj1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Well I've finally convinced my pc fanboy friend to buy a Ps3 and play last of us. He was shocked at how good the graphics were,I was surprised at that. But more than that he was just amazed at the story line, great performances and intense gameplay.

He actually rang me yesterday and thanked me for talking him into getting it.

You get rave about pc all you like and dismiss consoles if you want to, but the two games that are going to get all the GotY awards this year are console only.

Ezz20131922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

like always, Bathy
nothing but the truth
and truth hurts .....badly

FriedGoat1920d ago

this is so true, My pc rig is beastly, and I've hardly used it for gaming this year, the PC has nothing special.

Allsystemgamer1922d ago

The vast majority of respectable reviewers and gamers strongly disagree with you.

Clearly you have not played it.

Am_Ryder1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Nah, man.

I was a hardcore PC gamer in the '90s. I've probably played all the games you're referring to.

None of them have commented on the human condition, and been as utterly and realistically playable as The Last Of Us. No game has done that before, or since.

I compare it to the videogaming equivalent of Of Mice And Men. A similar message on humanity, just as perfectly, sublimely evoked as the great novel. No PC game from the '90s did this. No game has ever done this (though some have come close), except for TLoU.

Did you play it to the end?

FriedGoat1922d ago

That was the 90's, and you are wrong. I cant even count the games I played on PC in the 90's it is so many, the PC was fantastic back then. I remember installing the first Glide graphics card when they first came out and playing me some Quake 2. Now it's all MMORPG, ARPG, Console ports and Indies.

The Last of Us is a brilliant game, I can't even remember a game that can match it.

LoveSpuds1922d ago

Can you name some of those PC games please? I have been a gamer on all formats for years and cannot recall a better PC game from the 90's?

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showtimefolks1922d ago

Last of us is my game of the decade

GTA5 I if signed afterwards

Now diablo 3

And than next gen. Please don't let one game ruin your gaming experience and here is why, not everyone is as good as ND or as great of a publishing attention as Sony who were willing to take a huge risk on a new IP niche type game

But the are some excellent studios which I respect and enjoy their games so there is hope my friend.

CD red project
Sony Santa Monica GOW3 sig team
David Jaffa
343 studios, look at the list of people within this studio, MS hired the best people possible to work on their most important IP
Kojima off course

IMO if ND were free agents in gaming business you would see publishers going crazy over them and the going price would be huge. Think about how far this team has come along starting with Their blockbuster Crash to now last of us.( I know they worked on many other games before doing crash and some were excellent games in their own rights)

Biggest credit for ND goes to mark Cerny who was the president of universal interactive who brought in ND and started work on Crash

I don't think Cerny gets enough love from gamers like the guy from ID gets or gabe gets from valve fans. Cerny is very under rated and I feel like under appreciated

itBourne1922d ago

You really think Jaffe is up there? Dont get me wrong the guy is hilarious and tells it like it is, which is awesome. But he has done nothing in the past decade. Calling All Cars was fun, but nothing amazing. Same with Twisted Metal. GoW was the last great thing he did and that was ages ago.

showtimefolks1922d ago

Yes I do consider him very talented, and for twisted metal his team didn't want to do single player TM game, but Sony said they wanted complete package

He want online TM game so he can move on to other products, calling all cars was meh

But talent alone puts him on my list