XBL Fall Update Demo

Quick walkthrough of the fall update's new features.

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Waffle-boy4464d ago

That "Compare Games" thing he mentions right at the start, has been there since launch...

xtopher4464d ago

how could he have missed that since launch?

ThaTeflonDon4464d ago

Unless I stream 720p videos to my 360, the quality of the lesser videos SUCK BIG TIME!!! ..Has anyone else tried it?

THWIP4464d ago

Standard resolution for a PC media player vids is too low to be displayed on a large screen without sacrifice.

ThaTeflonDon4464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

So why is it clear when I run it in full screen on WMP11? but not when in full screen on 360? ..Its the same display. I can switch between my PC and 360 on it.

Mikey_Gee4464d ago

When i had my VGA cable hooked up and went to set resolution, I think my option to choose WIDESCREEN or NORMAL was greyed out.

Maybe it was due to the monitor it was plugged into. Regardless, it looked fantastic on my 19" HDTV/PC MONITOR

death monk4464d ago

yeah, they now have it set so that if you select a widescreen or normal resolution it greys it out. I don't even know why they have the option there for vga anyways.

Schmitty074464d ago

I'm tired of hearing him go...umm...yeah....

Just get on with the features! I have been grounded from 360 and want to see the features without waiting for you to think, just show me them!

THWIP4464d ago

"I have been grounded from 360"

LOL...sometimes it's GOOD to be 35 y.o. :D

But not very often. :(

willymcd4464d ago

it works perfect for me with media player 11, i think you just have to allow the 360 under the library options.
some videos are to low of quality for being shown on a full screen. But it is still useful and cool i think.
oh for all you pervs out there you can get some HD porn trailers from digital playground, haha...

Grown Folks Talk4464d ago

i allowed media sharing on wmp 11, but every time i go to video it says there are no videos. i have xp media center 2005. could it be my firewall? music still streams fine, but it won't pick up my video.

willymcd4464d ago

i figured out you have to put the videos in your "my videos" folder in your documents. other wise it won't find the videos.