Top 10 Video Game Heroes of All Time

Remember the first time you played Zelda 1 and realized that you wanted to be the hooded hero that was walking about the flat screen? Remember the first time you loved a game because you wanted to be the protagonist with all their abilities that you would never have in this lifetime? Old-Wizard remembers all of these moments as we constantly reflect on what our favorite video games are, and in this case, who are favourite video game heroes are. If this list seems retro in its choices, its not without reason, as games within the newer market fail to focus on the personal qualities embodied by one figure trying to save the world. This sense of grandeur and intrepidness led to some of the most memorable characters in the video gamer's life. Protagonists in novels that the video gamer would read at school would always pale in comparison to the 8-bit characters they always had full control over. The characters in a video game always had much more nobler tasks than modernity's insistence for leveling out heroism to anyone who feels entitled to their pride. The heroes on our list were always on the most aggrandized of adventures battling only the most nefarious of antagonists. Nowhere was their repose when faced with doom on a universal level. To these dreams of large adventures and magnanimous characteristics we owe the protagonists on this list. The video game world would be nothing without them.

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sephiroths_revenge3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Sephiroth is the best video game hero and he should have his own game

In the past he was a hero and a member of SOLDIER ORGANIZATION FIRST CLASS until he went bad

sonarus3834d ago

They should have renamed this top nintendo video game heroes of all time

tgh machines3833d ago

I think sonic is the best

RecSpec3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

How was Sephiroth a good hero? He didn't do anything heroic. He was just good at his job.

On another note, this is a list of old school heroes, not the new school. The site is a retro site, that's why Cloud and Master Chief aren't on there. But it is still a pretty weak list. Qbert?

Then again, what makes a hero? Sonic wouldn't really fit on here, he just saved woodland creatures. Maybe Snake, but at the time his main nemesis was Sean Connery. Chrono should definitely be on this list though.

tgh machines3833d ago

In sonic adventure (Best sonic game IMO) he saves humans from Dr. Eggman and chaos (a creature).

Harry1903833d ago

so i'll have to agree.More of an anti-hero though.
But villains are the coolest characters......Darth Vader.....

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Surfman3834d ago

Sure that Link, Cloud and Chrono are in my top 10.

gtgcoolkid3834d ago

where is snake? one of the most bad ass heroes out there and he isn't on there which makes the list incomplete.

Kulupoo3833d ago

Snake? Snake?

lol.. ya snake is on my top10...

Black_McGrath3833d ago

Snake's no hero...never was. He's just an old killer hired to do some wet work.

TheEndzor3834d ago

Horrible list in my opinion

Could have been a lot better

everyone is entitled to their own opinion though.

B Man3834d ago

Never seen one that has been decent.

HarryPS3603834d ago

ya i agree, what a stpid list ya woud think that these writrs at lest play video gams. they know noting

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The story is too old to be commented.