Top 5 Worst Gaming Consoles of All Time writes: "The video game world has seen its fair share of poor systems that had no business being released in the first place. Some of these systems were created for getting something in time for a holiday. Some of these systems though were carefully constructed, and failed for any amount of reasons from poor games, to poor sound, to poor graphics, or to just plain bad ideas as we will see with the #5 entry specifically. Luckily, most of the video game world had always rebounded from its bad ideas and created systems that were much more intuitive in the fun factor for the gamer. On this list then, we will highlight what we think are the worst systems of all time. As always, there will be those who disagree, especially with one of our entries. We expect a high amount of acrimony and even profanity from some of our choices, but we ask you to read the arguments and consider what is being said with our disputes before flaming them to no end. We're sure we will see a lot of your top 5 worst systems of all time after this list is read. That which overlaps between our lists may be cause for some acquiescence between us and the reader. But we're pretty the sure the flames will be stronger. They always are."

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sephiroths_revenge3857d ago

worst console ver i played is...(i only play good cnsoles)

Nintendo Gamecube

Breakfast3857d ago

the only saving grace for that system was zelda...

Panthers3857d ago

For me it was SSBM. I still play that today. I will not buy a Wii (which should be on this list) and since SSBM seems to be pretty much the same as Brawl, I will stick to Melee. Its the only Nintendo game I care about.

IntelligentAj3857d ago

Yeah I've got to ride with Breakfast on that one and say Zelda and Smash bros. Metroid was great too but outside of that....Damn

Silellak3857d ago

I don't think any current-gen console - 360, Wii, or PS3 - should be judged "best" or "worst" of all time until they finish their runs and we see what games are released for each.

Panthers3857d ago

Yea it is too early for that. The Wii does bring something new to the table, just nothing I am interested in.

hades073857d ago

The first line clearly shows the distaste for Sega "Virtual Boy would be higher on this list except its made by Nintendo". Isnt this a Worst Console list not a Worst Company list. So even though Virtual Boy is a bad console it is not higher because of the company that made it, not because it is a poorly engineered piece of cr-a-p. This article officially received the stamp of 100%, Grade A, bull crap.

MADGameR3857d ago

The only good games that came out for the GameCube was the Resident Evil Remake, RE 0 and RE4.

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Brian52473857d ago

He has every Sega console on his top 5? This is a garbage list and should not be approved.

Shaka2K63857d ago

But right now with a 70% failture rate xbug 3rd60 is the worst POS in the history of gaming.

Jason 36O3857d ago

I can't believe there's no mention of Microsoft in there.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3857d ago

No my little wannabe shadow, this isn't a top 5 best list.

What happened to the other Jason 180 account?

Breakfast3857d ago

He probably has so many accounts he forgot his password. We'll see a Jason 361 soon.

fenderputty3857d ago

copy accounts. Even if they hate the person the are copying, they should realize that imitation if the highest form of flattery.

Silellak3857d ago

"Top 5 Worst Gaming Consoles of All Time" or "Why did Sega kick my puppy? :("

lsujester3857d ago

Yeah, you know this is a crap list when in the first entry when he says that the Virtual Boy would be higher except that it was made by Nintendo.

I'm sorry, any system that physically pains you when you play it HAS to be at least 1 or 2, no matter who made it.

I think the only reason the Virtual Boy is even on there is because this guy couldn't think of a proper blurb to write about the Sega CD.

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PS360WII3857d ago

ummmm well this guy just doesn't like Sega that's all :(

hopper_papa_roach3857d ago

How can you say that microsoft deserves any mention there are loads of worse consoles its a top 5 worst console list. So that could be CD-i 32x Atari Jaguar consoles like that microsoft done a lot of things well before other consoles.