CoD4 PS3 DLC - Worldwide Release April 24th

Fourzerotwo (Robert Bowling), Community Relations Manager from Infinity Ward, writes:

"Last week I let you guys know that the Variety Map Pack would be hitting PSN on April 24th for North America and May 1st for Europe, well NOT ANYMORE! I'm happy to say we've been pushing this past week and with the help of Sony Europe, are happy to announce that the Variety Map Pack on PS3 will be coming out at the SAME TIME, worldwide on April 24th for $9.99!!

The Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Variety Map Packfor PS3 will be available on the PlayStation Network on Thursday April, 24 for both the US and Europe!"

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whoelse3833d ago

Thats great! Except that i wont be downloading it since i will only have to wait 5 more days for GTA IV!

TheHater3833d ago

I second that. And the Metal Gear Solid Beta start that day also. So yeah, Infinity Ward really screw themselves up on this one.

yoghurt3833d ago

Nice one, well done for pushing and securing the release quicker than initially thought for the UK. its nice to devs working with sony to get things done

LevDog3833d ago

Dont play enough COD4 to buy a 10 dolla map pack..

To Be perfectly honest the only DLC I will buy for a game will be SOCOM..

da7dal3833d ago

anyways 10$ seems like alot...

da7dal3833d ago

you stole my first comment ever crap

LevDog3833d ago

HAHA My bad.. I must have literally hit add like half a second before you.. cause we both have same time on the xx Min ago

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