Q1 PS3 Sales Way Ahead of 2007

For the first quarter of 2008, US sales of all of the big three consoles are tracking ahead of the same period last year, but it's the PlayStation 3 that has shown the biggest year-on-year boost.

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bioshock3830d ago

Sony sold 807,000 PS3 hardware units in the US for 1Q of 2008.
whereas poor 360 sold 747,000...its here in US where they are of the world sony hammered 360...g8 for a gaming console...hahahahahahha.
Running 08 Totals (Japan + America + European/Others Estimates)

1. DS 5,221,188
2. Wii 4,109,612
3. PSP 2,808,503
4. PS3 2,448,793
5. PS2 1,756,973
6. X360 1,627,847

so much for 5k victory..take tht we sony fans are happy with tht.

KingKirchner3830d ago

Holy $#it! The DS sells like crazy!! It's not even that great (I have one and a PSP), it deffinitly doesn't deserve that many sales IMO. Neither does the Wii (I own one of those too)

I mean, they're good, but not THAT good, dang.

jadenkorri3830d ago

DS sells like crazy everywhere
wii's are selling due to hype,i have a wii, what does it do sit there and collect dust cause i have nothing to play, i played brawl to death already... handheld, by far beats ds..too me anyways...i modded mine and play my ps1 games..workign on crono trigger :)
ps3 when im home i play cod 4 all the time love it...Dark Sector not even open yet...addicted to COD4..i may need an intervention...
ps2...well i gave that up...well i have a ps3 duh
360...i don;t like MS at the moment due to their ignorant way of doing business, like timing exclusives to their 360...i may get one eventually for Tales of Vesparia, but second that comes to ps3 ill get the ps3 version regardless...

sonarus3830d ago

@bioshock, i hope you aren't getting your Euro data from VGchartz. Not sure if you know this but their figures aren't worth sh!t

dan-boy3830d ago

wow, a whole 60K more in a quarter! the only problem is that sony are trailing microsoft by nearly 6mil units in NA.....they need nintendo like figures to make an impact!

nintendo have done so well lately,even though i have a wii. i have to say that it aint great. i bought it for the missus, and we use it when people come round.

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TheEndzor3830d ago

The Video Game industry is definitely going through the roof

All Systems Sold more then last year especially the Sony Ps3 in which had the Biggest sales boost of all

Congrats Sony

Shaka2K63830d ago

xbug 180 keeps going down.

simple as that.
microsuck should just call it quits they are not going anywhere.

eagle213830d ago

Once the 80GB sku is back in stock, American PS3 sales will make your mouth drop. :0

TheREALHarryEtTubMan3830d ago

PS3 2009 and 2010 sales are gonna be of the wall... PS3 is going to domniate the 360 this holiday season also.

Sevir043830d ago

Didn't we all already know this people? i mean really since the slew of games and and the price cut across the whole earth on the PS3 i think it's a safe bet to say that Sony has position themself for a very strong sell through. they've got the software to back up the heafty price with game looking that Hefty 500 bucks price tag. MGS4 and GTA4 and GT5 are the big ones for the early months it's KZ, LBP fallout3, R2 and Motorstorm:Pacifica that will Canibalize the market this coming fall. LOL!! and some residual selling of MGS4 for those new PS3 owners getting PS3's for christtmas.

as I like to say here on My ship "GET IT BIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!"

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