Six ways to make free-to-play gaming work on Xbox One

OXM UK - "Free-to-play! It's either the spark that will reignite an industry paralysed by "unbelievable" $60 RRPs, or the spark that will set the medium's pretensions to the status of art aflame, reducing all games to their commercial imperatives. Well, so I've heard."

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Kayant1824d ago

The first thing really should be to remove the XBL barrier because it's not a true F2P game if a sub barrier is needed. All you should need is an internet connection.....

dirigiblebill1824d ago

This does seem to be happening, very gradually. You don't need Gold to play Project Spark on Xbox One. I think the World of Tanks guys have been banging on at MS to open F2P to Silver subs for a while.

Lalanana1824d ago

Yes i must say the paywall needs to go but one of the best thing said from the article is to limit those microtransactions...they need to watch out not to get out of hands or else all f2p next gen games might be like this..for example deep down might become that.

Septic1824d ago

Yeah that needs to happen ASAP. The paywall makes no sense, now more than ever.

Roccetarius1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Microsoft had an excuse with the early console race, but paying for online on a console is no longer justifiable.

Anyways, if they don't remove the wall, then the Free To Pay model will be even less exciting.

Bigpappy1824d ago

M$ has 300K severs for cloud and dedicated servers that I helped pay for, and I will continue to do so now that I see how wisely they continue to make the service better and better.

Moving FTP from behind the wall is fine, but access to multiplayer servers will cost something once the game moves from beta and goes live. If it can be played P2P then you can have that for free.

violents1824d ago

One way is all you need, stop charging a subscription to use the ethernet connection and they will work just like they do everywhere else.

PFFT1824d ago

Both the XBO and PS4 will need a subscription to play MP this time around. BUT on the PS4's case F2P titles wont need said sub to play the Mp portion if i am not mistaken. MS needs to do the same.

BlackTar1871824d ago

F2P isn't F2p behind a paywall. Should drop that title all together on a behind pay wall service.

hazelamy1824d ago

they could start by actually making it free to play.

but of course free is a four letter word at ms.

i know it literally is, but, ah, you know what i mean. ^_^

JediDiah1824d ago

Free and Xbox?? That's an oxymoron! See Netflix pay wall!