I4U News: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

I4U News writes: "As soon at the Gran Turismo 5 demo was available on the Playstation Store I downloaded it and found it interesting. When the full version of GT5 Prologue showed up at my door I was very excited to get my hands on it he game. GT5 Prologue is a beautiful game and hands down has the most realistic driving experience of any racing game I have played. I would say that the most comparable title on the market right now would be Need For Speed: Pro Street.

Pro Street has more tracks for sure with GT5 Prologue offering up in the area of ten unique tracks not counting the reverse routes that can be played. One of my favorite parts of Gran Turismo 4 was the hefty and deep customization menu that allowed you to soup up your ride and change the way it looks. Sadly this aspect of the game is not included in GT5 Prologue, but it will reportedly be in the full game when it launches."

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