Rock Band Store Updated Review

The Rock Band store has met with great fanfare and much rejoicing. Can it be improved? One writer from Sarcastic Gamer gives his take on the Rock Band Store.

From the article: "The other great feature with the Rock Band store is a breakdown of each song's difficulty, scored under the categories of: band (ie. as a group how hard it is), guitar, vocals, drums, and bass. I know a lot of folks play mainly on guitar or mainly on drums, so this gives them an instant idea whether a song will be too hard to play, or not hard enough. I'm all for learning as much as you can before spending money on things you can't return or resell."

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DevonTheDude5353830d ago

The PS3 Rockband store is broken since the debut of the new Playstation store.
Here is a link to N4G's blog