You can now ask Siri your pressing Pokemon questions

Pocket Gamer's Mark Brown writes: "Apple's digital assistant can now answer questions about 649 different Pokemon. Siri can also tell you their type, Pokedex number, evolutionary tree, natural abilities, and base stats (like hit points, speed and defence)."

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jidery2839d ago

With Nintendo's recent hardware decline, I do see the possibility of them joining the Apple camp with all their characters. That could be a very powerful combination.

TheEnigma3132839d ago

Good god no. Nintendo should stay far away from Apple.

duducus2839d ago

That will be the day I stop playing Nintendo games...

KonsoruMasuta2839d ago

The 3DS has declining hardware sales?

HawtPaws2839d ago

What exactly do you mean by "hardware decline?" Nintendo 3DS is soaring in sales. Wii U sales are picking up as more 1st party gems are coming out.

I get the feeling you're just talking out your ass, because Nintendo is definitely not suffering from a "hardware decline."

STK0262839d ago

Even if, and I don't think it will happen anytime soon, the Wii U were to be discontinued and Nintendo were to get out of the home console business; wouldn't it make more sense for them to continue to work on their handheld dominance and have all their resources make great games for this next generation handheld rather than simply make game for a Smartphone company?

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