Fully Customizable Controls Should be the Standard


"I downloaded the Iron Man demo yesterday on Xbox Live and was looking forward to smiting evil with the righteous metallic fury of The Golden Avenger. I would love to tell you if it were any good, but unfortunately, I can't! It seems I'm going to be screwed out of yet another anticipated game due to a lack of control options.

Arguably, the control setup I use for first and third person shooters is a bit outlandish. I play with the analog sticks reversed, (which is known as southpaw), but the L and R triggers are not switched, (the R trigger still fires the gun). Then, just to add to the chaos I invert the Y-axis.

The question that I am inevitably asked is why would I use such a control scheme, especially if I am not even left-handed?"

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chaosatom3333859d ago

control customization is always a welcome feature but it's not going to make a bad game into a super good one. It might make it decent tho.

games like iron man don't get tested out too much, it's just there so you can get excited for the movie, not to actually play the game.

mariusmal3859d ago

i think all games should have customizable controls.