Marketers Must Get Past the Gamer Stereotype

Misconceptions and assumptions associated with gamers seem to stem from the actual word itself. At a recent digital marketing conference, a panelist made a great point. He asked why gamers are identified as a cohesive group when other groups go without a clearly defined label, such as moviegoers or music enthusiasts. While gaming requires a significant amount of attention, isn't it a form of entertainment similar to both movies and music?

The reason the "gamer" label exists actually points to the importance of video-game-playing consumers to marketers. The following outlines key factors marketers should explore when evaluating whether to target gamers:

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-Video game sales continue to increase, with a record-breaking 40 percent increase in 2007 for the U.S. video game industry.
-Overall, gamers are a very social and well-connected community.
-According to the Ziff Davis "Digital Gaming in America" study, the mean age for computer gamers is 33 and the mean income is $69,000.

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