Armor plating for the PS3 under siege

"The silver shield may add a stylish touch but looks as if it might scratch even more easily than the original finish." writes

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niall773832d ago

I need something to make my ps3 more bullet proof.

WWIII is coming you know.

wow4u3832d ago

My buddy's PS3 is all scratched to heck and looks like hell. Since it has to sit "on top" of his entertainment rack, people always set CD cases on it at parties and such.

It scratches way too easily.

Marceles3831d ago

I would drop kick anyone who put a cd case on my PS3

will113831d ago

This means in a shoot off between xbox and PS3, ps3 would win!!! PLEASE CAN I HAVE PLUS BUBBLES?

Nitrowolf23831d ago

my PS3 is all scratch up. i bought one of those skins to cover it up. looks awsome. I took it off and it didnt leave any marks

Jamegohanssj53831d ago

I wish they had snap ons for this because I would get one. I don't want a stick on cover.

juuken3831d ago

My PS3 is a bit scratched up as well and it holds dust way too easily. I think I may get that if it's a snap cover as well. I don't want anything sticking on it.

Ri0tSquad3831d ago

Who don't like the Six Axis/Dualshock 3's triggers. It's a great, simple, and cheap fix.

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