Best Buy Midnight sale locations for the PS3

18 stores nationwide to accommodate anxious gamers. The majority of retailers have no problem with people camping outside of their doors before the launch of a new console, and occasionally they'll even open at midnight to make the process over that much quicker. A Best Buy employee leaked his company's plans to Kotaku today, detailing the 18 locations nationwide that will open doors at midnight for PlayStation 3 -- but none for Wii.

Considering the limited number of PS3s that will be available, though, can you blame Best Buy for simply wanting to end the pain as soon as possible? Then again, most people will be camping out before the end of business hours. Bunch of crazy people.

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DEIx15x84460d ago

It makes sense not to have them for Wii. The PS3 will be selling out in minutes just like the 360 did so people will be at the stores at that time no matter what. With the Wii they will have plenty so no one needs to spend the night to get one,

Maddens Raiders4460d ago

Now that's what I call "news I can use." Thanks bro.

Jrocks_4_ever4460d ago

No problem....I thought that should help out some people...because alot of folks did not get took pre-order like me :-).....Oh yeah I can't wait........

PS360PCROCKS4460d ago

Lame it's not in colorado even tho I wont buy one