Ubisoft’s Delay of Watch Dogs Sends Shares Crashing

New York Times: London -- A delay in any product can hurt a company’s bottom line. But for a videogame maker, the pain of delaying a potential blockbuster is even more acute.

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ironfist923328d ago

Thats unfortunate, I find Ubisoft to produce more qualiry products than other third party publishers who produce trash and high priced dlc wankery.

BattleTorn3328d ago

I tend to have very little sympathy.

They showed this game quite some time ago, and it had become one of the major 3rd-party launch titles.

To pull out a month a month and a half before release really makes you question their judgment on what quality of game they thought they had to release in November, back when they did.

GarrusVakarian3329d ago

*Connects to LCN/Bawsaq stock market to buy Ubisoft shares*

barb_wire3328d ago

Notice at the end of the article it states that Watchdogs is coming out June 2014.. if that's true, that's a huge delay.

-Foxtrot3328d ago

If it is then that's not a "polishing/tweaking" delay it's a "We've hardly even finished" delay

Viking_Socrates3328d ago

If that's the case they made the right decision of waiting to publish the game, hopefully they give us more to do with the time they dedicate to it.

Although you'd think after 5 years of working on the game they'd have a finished project.

-Foxtrot3328d ago

As I've said I expect to see a lot more features in the final game...A LOT more to show me that the delay has been worth it.

zpoc3328d ago

already back up $4 a share - and they'll continue to rise

dkgshiz3328d ago

Probably doesn't help that Rayman Legends and Splintercell:Blacklist all bombed. Splintercell deserved to fail. Its nothing but a mediocre 3rd person action shooter. Stealth is completely optional. In fact its probably second priority now. I always giggled when people used to think Splintercell took the thrown away from MGS for best stealth game.

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The story is too old to be commented.