Xbox One Resolution and Polygon Count Real Life Difference Comparison - Ryse 1080p vs 900p

We compare Ryse 1080p vs 900p (Native 1080p vs Upscaled 900p)and Polygon Count Examples to investigate the real life effect of Resolution and Polygon Counts on Console games.

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NewMonday1830d ago

Obviously fake

using the exact same pictures and simply switching labels

The author must provide the origin of each picture and time of procurement

Lalanana1830d ago

lol regardless.. even if true.. Miniscule difference..especially sitting away so far from tv lol.

NewMonday1830d ago

says "simulated examples" but doesn't go into detail in how that is done.

also using content from another website without giving credit.

thrust1830d ago

Is this the new gfx king?

PFFT1830d ago

YEP! It seems so. RYSE has no equal.

christocolus1830d ago


dude i see you were blown away by that trailer that was awesome..they just wanted to shut some people up.

DeadManIV1830d ago

Crysis 3 maxed out or Deep Down say hello

malokevi1830d ago

Newmonday says it's fake, so it's a fake. end of story. No ulterior motive, here! Totally impartial.

MiHX21830d ago

Saw some of the changes.They are extremely minor.

codelyoko1830d ago

Jeez Louise, Obviously you won notice the difference minimized. Click t enlarge -...-

supergrobi11830d ago

Yes, poor fake, Ryse has allways been 900p, even on E3.

Loki861830d ago

Obviously fake? I don't even. . .

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GarrusVakarian1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

We need to stop our obsession with resolutions and fps, im a console gamer, if i wanted the best fp and res possible i would buy a pc. I feel we talk more about res and fps than we do actual games/gameplay these days, a good game is a good game, regardless if its 720p, 900p or 1080p. Example: TLOU.

And sitting 10 feet away from my 42 inch TV, i can't tell the difference whatsoever from those pictures and seeing as i don't plan on buying a magnifying glass and sitting a foot away from my TV anytime soon, i don't care if a game is 720,900 or 1080p.

Nocando1830d ago

I feel the same way, too much emphasis on resolution. It won't be an issue with future X1 titles as they become more accustomed to the hardware and new drivers are made available.

GarrusVakarian1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Im talking about both consoles, "1080p this" and "60 fps" that, since when did console gamers start to imitate PC gamers?

Another argument is how god damn stupid it is to judge a consoles capabilities from LAUNCH titles, games that have had very little dev time and are made purely for the launch of the console to get the console sold. Are people so quick to forget the launch games compared to the games that follow?

slampunk1830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

^^^ What Lukas_Japonicus said..... It's not everyday you see a well written comment without fanboy bias on N4G.... well done good sir!

MiHX21830d ago

Well said sir.Arguing about resolutions is just childish.

4logpc1830d ago

Can we stop with Ryse polygon,resolution,etc....

its getting to be such a troll fest.

MCTJim1830d ago

When I clicked the link and saw the authors photo on the left side, I thought I was looking at a mug shot...LOL

As for the comparisons in the photos...I just browsed them and closed the page..really nothing to see actually.

GarrusVakarian1830d ago

Lol, it should be a mug shot for bad videogame journalism.

christocolus1830d ago

i wouldnt even waste my time on that..why would i? 1080p vs does that affect the game im playing? i barely took notice of that this gen and its going to be same next gen..the truth is that most gamers dont even care about all this.they dont even know a war of the resolutions is going on in their backyards and they will never know..only the tech junkies need this..i buy my consoles to play games and have fun with friends simple..not to dissect and count polygons and framerates...

GarrusVakarian1830d ago

Your comment hit the nail on the head, have a bubble :)

christocolus1830d ago

oh are too kind sir.

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