Quantic Dream to Push PS4 Far Beyond Dark Sorcerer Demo

Gameranx: "The developers behind Beyond expect to make some truly spectacular-looking games on PS4."

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black0o3921d ago

we kinda know this!
QD always suppress their own tech-demos
heavy rain >> The Casting
B2S > Kara
??? > dark sorcerer

GTgamer3921d ago

Surpassing dark sorcerer /\(O.O)/\ i can't picture it.

FamilyGuy3921d ago

I literally can't picture it, The Dark Sorcerer tech demo was the best looking game I've seen anywhere beside the initial/debut Deep Down trailer/tech demo.

We'll see what happens but after playing Beyonds demo and seeing her character model in that chase scene in the rain I have no doubts about what QD are capable of.

Greatness Awaits (it's rather fitting)

ZodTheRipper3921d ago

I just hope they put more emphasis on fun gameplay this time ...TLOU showed that you can in fact tell a great story with a game that's extremely fun to play.

Rimeskeem3921d ago

just think of an actual person and thats basically that

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ground_beef3921d ago

Dude, Kara was off the hook, serouisly the Kara tech demo should be made into a full game, the moment she says she's scared is just is incredible. but they should be a bit easy on the qte's this time around.

serratos273921d ago

So many people want Kara to be made into a game but I agree when people say it would be difficult to build a story off of that. It could be done but QD is going to have kick ass with their next game seeing as how not everybody loved Beyond.

BallsEye3921d ago

I doubt graphically it will show anything close to dark sorcerer, it was a tech demo. Last Beyond two souls was total crap and not even considered a game so if they plan to do something like that again, count me out. I want a real game not an interactive movie. QD can do so much better -.-...

BitbyDeath3921d ago

Guess you never played a point and click adventure game before, QD games are the evolution of those. If you don't like the genre go play something else.

BallsEye3921d ago


Please stop guessing because you suck at it. I did play plenty of those back in the day. All original monkey islands on release date. Also Broken Sword series were one of my favorite games. Still remember the opening scene of broken sword with the clown in the town square and bomb explosion.

Wih that being said Beyond Two souls was NOTHING like these adventures. It's too simplified too easy and things you do don't matter at all. You fail you still progress forward. Saying it's an evolution of Broken sword or Monkey Island is an offence to these games.

ground_beef3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Dude if they go qte again, it'll be the end of them. After heavy rain, I said "never again" but I really do hope they make the Kara game with actual gameplay this time around, maybe a third person action game, I wouldn't even mind an fps. Anything that is considered a game. Qte is a failure, most reviews even state that if u just lay down ur controller for a few hours, it'll play itself and get u to the same point at the end.

I understand some people saying that it's not the gameplay that counts, it's the "experience", and I totally agree, but that's only a valid point if the game was priced at 15$ or less, but at 60$ ? At 60$ I expect gameplay, and damn good gameplay too. Last of us is a prime example of how to do a story driven game. This crap can't fly anymore quantic.

Magicite3921d ago


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TheKayle13921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

after heavy rain qte debate... beyond two soul bad reviews 2/10 i think a very niche is interested in this

they need to stop to do interactive movie..and start to do games

Fishy Fingers3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

2/10? Lol drama queen or attention whore I'm not sure. But with a metacritic of 72/100 I don't think your being fair there.

pyramidshead3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Don't feed thekayle1 troll

Everyone knows B:TS got 9/10s as well as some very low scores.

Hardly a niche, people just don't know what to make of it. Not everyone is a dudebro who wants to pewpew.

edit: Not sure why I wasted a bubble, kayle will get marked for trolling anyway lol.

Rimeskeem3921d ago

Its not that it got bad rating but more like the people who played it didnt realize it was different and based it off of games they thought were like it

TheKayle13921d ago

72 isnt a nice metacritic..just telling u

Haules3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

"beyond two soul bad reviews 2/10"
Lets ignore the 9s and 8s that it got right?

How about you play Beyond two soul? oh wait your just a M$ drone trolling...

GTgamer3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Let them do what they wanna do you don't have to buy their games yes games i love their games change of paste from the repeating genres we always see today. So your gonna ignore the good reviews of the game yes allot of people love the game.

DigitalRaptor3921d ago

And be like every other developer out there?

No thanks Kayle, you stick to your comfort zone. Leave Quantic Dream to do what they are passionate about.

TheKayle13921d ago

i bought omikron in an original double cd's case when it came out ..this was my first and last QD game

CGI-Quality3921d ago

Yeah, because all Beyond got was one review. /s

OT: When it comes to visuals, Quantic doesn't disappoint. I expect their PS4 titles to be within the best yet again!

QuickdrawMcgraw3921d ago

I like a different type of game once in a while.

harrisk9543921d ago



Metacritic has the game sitting at a 73 with 81 reviews (and an 8.1 on user reviews).

That being said, most of the scores are above 75, with many in the 90s and one 100. There are a bunch below 75, but the 3 scores that are really bringing the metacritic average down are two 40s (Metro Game Central and Videogamer) and a 25 (from AusGamers). Those are COMPLETELY unwarranted scores. Their opinions? Yes, but they are so out of the range of the other scores that they should be discounted. Overall, other than those, the game is tracking very well for a game of this type that is bound to be divisive.

The User reviews are really interesting because of the fact that it is an 8.1, even though PS3 and XB360 games always get downgraded by trolls from both camps.

There are no scores on Metacritic showing a 2/10. The AusGamer one is close, but is an aberration.

In my view, B2S was an 8/10. The graphics are stellar and the story is really good, even scary at times. My main problem is that the story feels so disjointed due to all the jumping around on the timeline. It does come together, but the "flash forwards and flashbacks" needed to be tightened up a bit. QD should be given great credit for pushing the genre forward beyond the typical game. And so should Sony for allowing QD leave to attempt such compelling experiences that are outside the norm. Great game that should be played by everyone.

prodg523921d ago

It makes sense why it jumps around in the end. Well, the ending that I had.

harrisk9543921d ago



I get that... it came together toward the end, but some of the "jumps" just seemed a little hard to follow as to why the story moved to certain points in Jodie's life when it didn't seem it needed to. It all made sense in the end, but some of the timeline jumps created a bit of a context issue for me. That being said, once you pieced it together, the story was good.

Drekken3921d ago

Wow... you are a lemming if you think either of their games were bad. It's obvious you didn't play either game and you are just spewing garbage you read on the internet.

Beyond could take GOTY and I wouldn't blink twice.

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sigfredod3921d ago

Quantic Dream always deliver

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EXVirtual3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Whenever Quantic Dream shows off their PS4 game, I'm pretty sure pants will need to be replaced. If they're pushing the PS4 far beyond the Dark Sorcerer demo, then I'm hyped as hell for what the PS4 can do with not only realistic art styles, but cel-shaded and stuff as well. Also, actually playing the PS4 games on a 1080p TV will do the games more justice than watching them on YT. There player is so compressed.