Best Reasons to Play GTA IV on Xbox 360

No offense to PlayStation 3, but GameDaily don't want to play Grand Theft Auto IV on Sony's machine. Here's why they are rocking the Xbox 360 version.

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chaosatom3335634d ago (Edited 5634d ago )

basically it's live. The only real feature of live is in-game communication, which sony is going to deliver.

when he said "premium service that allows for user-friendly match making and features a robust online community" what the hell is that suppose to mean.
---doesn't premium mean that you have to pay, and it makes it sound like a good thing. He COPIED and pasted it from microsoft.com!

what the hell with "most of our buddies have xbox" suppose to mean. No DUH the xbox is the choice for him.

Second is the controller. He is whining about recharging the controllers? just wow. He never held a ps2 controller in his hand, so no duh the xbox controller is going to feel 'better' for him.

For dlc here is the deal.
---too big, means more time, and less people interested.
----too little, means missions and sort, and less people interested still.

hd cables- are you serious, whining about HD CABLES. How about microsoft forgot to add a hard-drive in arcade version? How about microsoft forgetting to add a blue-ray player in all their xbox?

Hard-drive. Wow, this guy thinks that 5-min intall is going to eat up 5-10-20 gbs hard-drive. 360 also has install.

The person who wrote the article is clearly delusional and NEVER owned a ps, ps2, or a ps3 in his life.

IF he was writing "worst reasons to play GTA on 360", he wouldn't even mention RROD. Now you see how blind he is in his bias.

This guy is mad because rockstar didn't screw the ps3 version, and is making excuses for himself and his audience.

Trust me when i this: this guy is going to call the ps3 version 'washed out' based on the videos he watches on UTUBE.

sonarus5634d ago (Edited 5634d ago )

This is just opinion. Here are my reasons to get GTA4 on PS3

Xbox Live: PSN is free. As long as i can do friend invites and voice chat that is really all i need. Most of my friends i have known for yrs either have ps3's or are getting ps3's not for GTA4 but for MGS4 though. Xbox live has a robust community but that in no way affects me because i am not trying to play with ALL of them.

Controller preference: Maybe its just me but i never found anything wrong with the PS1 controller or PS2 controller. The 360 controller feels weird in my hand. I don't suffer any strain when playing on the ps3 controller so i am really confused as to where this comfort comes from. Sure the 360 triggers are better placed but those aren't the only buttons on the controller. I find that ps3 button are better than 360 in ever area except triggers. I find the bumpers very stuff as well as most of the other buttons on the controller. I have an extra long wire for recharging my controller and i don't see why anyone should complain. If you have to buy a recharge kit/ AA batteries for your 360 controller why can't you buy a longer usb recharge cable

DLC: I never finished saints row, GTA vice city, san andreas or any other open world game i have managed to get my hands on. Sooner or later i give up following the missions that being said extra missions have absolutely no impact on me.

HD cables: Yes it sucks ps3 doesn't come with HD cables but i fail to see how this has anything to do with which version to choose from. If you already have a ps3 and still no hd cables it means you don't need them. If we are talking about buying a new console for the game, then simply put there are a lot of reasons to buy the ps3 over the 360, blu ray player, and reliable hardware are just some.

Hard drive space: Yea it sucks but 5min install doesn't sound like it will be much. I find it funny that someone looking to download DLC is going to be complaining about hard drive space.

Like i said its still all relative to opinion. If you are going to buy GTA4 on 360 then go ahead. A lot of people prefer the 360 to the ps3 but it is all based on personal preference and very little fact. Before we could say 360 games run better, or ps3 had no rumble, or some excuse but slowly those excuses are dwindling and soon there will be no reason to choose 360 version over ps3 version but for personal preference.

The Killer5634d ago

and thats happened to be with the ps3, so its a better reason to play it on ps3!

Real Gambler5634d ago

Hot summer days, and DVD spinning all the time and generating extra heat... Sandbox game calling for 6 hours game sessions. And house with no central air, getting way above your typical 72 degrees.

Now, do I want the game for a PS3 or a 360, knowing that "some" consoles don't like heat???

sephiroths_revenge5634d ago (Edited 5634d ago )

New headline

Stupid PS3 Owner sells $60 for $40 to buy cheap and nasty version of GTA4

yesah5634d ago

I know, this is one of the dumbest pieces of crap i ever read.
I dont know who GameDaily is but i sure as hell wont click a link to there again.

"We bought theese cables already but ummm, we had them on the other one so ummm, we keep other one ummmmmm and use."

and this instalation crap is starting to piss me off, a blu ray disc holds more, less need for instalation. Its common sense that if there is more space on the disc, and you install, the benifits will be much greater then less space on the disc, and you dont install.

Ghoul5634d ago (Edited 5634d ago )

what a shame, that so called article is pure fanboyism sorry

Xbox Live

- PSN for me it's free, open, and that last live feature (ingame communication) is coming soon (also for free)

Xbox 360 controller is pimp

- It's a ripoff i have to buy AA batteries or recharable packs from MS
sure its a choice of preference but claiming that using batteries is a feature is laughable couse i bought my ds3 play it charge it every 2-3 days on my usb and havent bought ONE batterie or recharge pack ever since. on my 360 i bought several packs AA's and later 3 packs of rechargeable packs + recharge station.

GTA IV is bigger on Xbox 360, and size matters

- ok the dlc is nice but calling the 360 version (ultimate, superior) whatever is a sore joke because otherwise i have something for you xbox fans, i play gears, mass effect, bioshock, as the "superior pc-version", wich is also the same bs as saying gta4 on 360 would be superior to the ps3 its the same game....

IF you want something different i can say you that the ps3 has motion controlls and the 360 not.

(below not yet 100% profen)
I would laugh real hard if home really comes with a gta4 space and dlc, come one a 3d socialising room for chatting and mp game arangements in a gta4 style social network at the cost of uhm ... free ? i take that over the 20$ dlc mission of the 360 anyday.

We already own HD cables

- Now THAT is the lamest reason i have EVER read, actually i had to buy a vga kabel for my 360 (component sucks) and i dont have hdmi because ms chose to rip me off by releasing several new skus over the time

GTA IV may eat our hard drives

- come on you cant be serious, bashing on a 5minute install is so childish. It's like feeling cool because you saw a movie a day earlier then your friend...
at least i have a harddrive standard.

that article is miles away from what i call journalism. Journalism requires you to research topics on boths sides, otherwise it,s not worth the paper printed on.

some may call me a fanboy after this comment but i am so sick of the ms camp bashing around the globe on such laughable claims, 360 has many superior games but gta is definatly not in that list.

Delive5634d ago

I'll give him 1 and 3. Live is easier to use to find friends and message and such. The DLC will make the game bigger. That's it. The DLC will cost. The online features cost. 1) as long as the PSN version has chat and friend invites, cool. 2)Controller? Really? I actually cramp up more with the 360 controller, using the trigger as a gas petal mostly. And I have a 12 foot USB cable I use with the PS3 controller. 3)Bigger is nice and all, but I never finished San Andreas. Got bored, just drove around for kicks. More land added in the DLC would be nice though. 4)HD cables. I didn't get HD cables with my 360, as a matter of fact, my 360 doesn't even have an HDMI port. 5) HDD Space. I store all of my media on the external 120gb drive, stream the other media from the PC and games, demos and content remain on the 200gb internal drive that I upgraded to. Nice feature. Nice price too for 200gb compared to 120gb 360 drive. To each his own. I know he'll enjoy it, I will too. Game on and quit bit.... complaining.

St05634d ago

The title for this post should be

"Worst Reasons to Play GTA IV on Xbox 360"

prunchess5634d ago

In a month or so we'll be reading articles with headings like,

"GTA IV Murders Thousands!"

and when you click the link it will say

"GTA IV Murders Thousands of XBOX 360's!"

GTA IV is going to kill so many 360's that it is probably going to cost MS another 50 million in replacing them! (if they actually do)

I completed San Andreas and I, like many many others, spent a lot of hours with this game running in my PS2. Considering this I'm expecting monumental hardware failures to plague the 360.

How will gamedaily spin that I wonder?

The Killer5634d ago (Edited 5634d ago )

bubbles for u, those 360 fanboys loves ignoring and taking bubbles!


360 has many problems other than RROD, the only advantage 360 has is its old list of games and Live right now, by the end of the years it wont have any advantage, i wonder who will buy it!! maybe those who wants to own all consoles and very low budgets people!

miganda5634d ago (Edited 5634d ago )

i'll be the first to agree that this story is a waste of life. i do have to call you on some points.
1. the use of xbox live is richer and more player friendly. just the fact that sending game invites and chatting to people, whether their in the same game as you or not makes a big difference.
2.yes no hd cables is a rough one to swallow. that was another 35 bucks i had to kick out. if sony is gonna hype the ps3 as a true HD experience, the least they can do is provide the means to see it that way.(plus the comment about no hard drive is dumb because you dont have to buy the arcade version, but no matter which ps3 package you buy there is no hd cables or head set)
3.some thing the guy didn't even bring up. where's the head set? sure as hell not in my ps3 box.and you can say what you want about it, but that is not cool.thats why when i play ps3 online alot of people aren't even talking.
4.DLC! don't front. how can you spin dlc in a negative way? well their is one way. when it doesn't come out for ur system and ur just hating on it. so please, people need to stop trying to tear down GTA DLC. for the price microsoft payed does anyone really think the stuff is gonna suck? don't think so.

Silellak5634d ago

I plan on getting the 360 version of the game. I would do so even if I owned a PS3.

That being said, the reasons listed in this article are absolute fanboy garbage, and a sign of the decreasing quality of game journalism in general. It's a shame that online news media falls victim to the same problems as mainstream media - hype and sensationalism take presedence over legitimate news and reasoned opinions.

BulletBtweenUrEyes5634d ago

Personally, i dont get it when people try to convince you to purchase GTAIV for their console of preference. If you have a 360 then buy it for 360. if you have a PS3, then buy for PS3. If you have both them make your choice on your own. To the fanboys who say "I'm buying it for (insert console name here) cuz its better" You're saying it like you have a motherf***ing choice. YOU KNOW YOU DONT!!! Why you ask? Because why would you purchase both consoles(360/PS3) and completely trash talk any of em. Who downplays a console they spent damn near $300-$500 on. Thats like a months rent to most people living in an apartment. What are gaining from being a full-time fanboys. Last time i checked, MS and Sony weren't handing out checks or hiring. I wonder if there were a game called SMCIV(Suck My C*** IV) if you guys would argue "You can suck c***s better on 360, plus were getting DLC(Downloadable C***s) they cum in all shapes and sizes"

Genesis55634d ago (Edited 5634d ago )

Well I for one am sorry I read that article. Because it was a complete waste of time.

NO_PUDding5634d ago

I look back and laugh now, but that recent 5 minutes ago, I for some reason thought there might possibly have been some reasons I hadn't heard.

But it's still the same stale and most importantly WRONG reasons.

And for those who are saying people shouldn't downplay the DLC; we can downplay as much as you 'uplay' it. It's unconfirmed, and it's an experiment by Rockstar. I suspect that 50 mil paid for more than just DLC so I hate being accused of jealousy when I downplay it. Have your DLC if you ahve a ahrdrive, but I am blissfully happy without it.

sonarus5633d ago

@Silellak: My point exactly. Gamedaily are begining to sound a little bit to xbox360 fanboy for me. First they claim 360 is the greatest console of all time after only 2 yrs on the market now they come up with this silly nonsense

littletad5633d ago

"That being said, the reasons listed in this article are absolute fanboy garbage, and a sign of the decreasing quality of game journalism in general."

And why is this fanboy garbage? Because it's an opinion? Or would we be having this conversation if the ps3 was chosen instead of the 360? Doesn't the alarming "Agrees" for anything pro-Sony not ring a bell? Forbid the majority of fanboys don't have their console of choice getting special treatment. Since when should gaming sites remain "neutral". YOUR disagreeing with them is your right as well as his to list his own reasons which console is preferred. Case closed.

chaosatom3335633d ago

it's the highest agrees I have ever gotten, more bubbles please.

rexor07175633d ago

Its about why you should buy a 360. This article is total crap.PS3 is where its at, why else would the PS3 be getting a bundle.

CrazzyMan5633d ago

You complain about cables/install?

Guess, which one is more serious PROBLEM?!

jadenkorri5633d ago

Gamesdaily is beating the dead horse...honestly none of those reasons apply to playing GTA4, every reason was almost personlly based and not facts live vs psn (pay/free), xbot controller vs Dualshock (personal preferences), dlc...so what MS paid for it good for them, HD cables was the lamest excuse, first off a 19.99 extra cable on top of a 400 purchase is not gonna matter, and most of us already own HDMI cables anyways...but for the few 20 bucks is nothing...if your buying 400 dollar system, u can afford an extra 20...HD, well im glad rockstar made it optional for 360, if not all those core/arcade users would be screwed... and 5 mins mandatory...oh noes....Seriously thou, both games are exactly the same on launch...and im gonna laugh when ps3 GTA4 outsells 360 versions

dan-boy5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

but don't let it wind you up, the site is obviously in the pocket of microsoft! just look at all the adverts that were flashing up.

perhaps news from this site could be banned for being bias towards microsoft. then we could that other crap site banned aswell gameplayer.co.au a site which is blatantly bias towards sony!

i will be getting the 360 version though. even if i had a ps3 i would still be getting it for the 360. all my family and friends have them and i'm looking forward to the riots on'line. and the dlc is too tempting to ignore! haters hate it i know, but it does give you the option to expand on what will be an already extensive game! to say that it's irrelevant is just pure denial!

dylz5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

dude I only own a ps3 but jeez a littile serious there game daily is known for there humorus top tens, sevens and fives ect. get a life and stop worry about people having a joke at your console of choices expense get a life

lol wat a joke the gamer zone heavealy monitored this is a huge string of fanboy

gaffyh5633d ago

This article is a COMPLETE FANBOY article. I mean look at this point:

"Sony just released its rumble supported DualShock 3 and it pales in comparison to Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller, which not only feels great in the hands, but also allows us to use a rechargeable battery pack or two standard issue AA batteries"

That is a reason against the 360 controller because you have to go and buy a recharge pack or batteries, and somehow he makes it seem like a positive thing. Fanboy logic is twisted.

HD CABLES - erm... at least the PS3 cam with a HDMI port, my 360 didn't...

In fact this article isn't even about GTAIV, it's a fanboy article of how the 360 is better than the PS3.

somethingSQUISHY5633d ago

... I still haven't made my decision on which version to pick up -- and I will be picking up GTAIV. Of all the well documented and well supported pros/cons for each version I've come across, this article did not intelligently discuss any of them (they came close with the DLC paragraph).

The entire article was rife with contradictory sentiments (ex: expressing horror at the HDD space bogarted by a mandatory PS3 install, yet praising downloadable content for the 360; bemoaning the lack of included HD cables with the PS3, but oozing appreciation for recharge kits/battery packs not included with the 360 that were purchased separately).

The more articles like this I come across, the more I realize that I will never get a true idea of what version (if either) is better before April 29. I think I'll end up hanging back and waiting for reviews to come rolling in with some kind of consensus before I drop the green.

Feihc Retsam5633d ago (Edited 5633d ago )

If anybody ever doubted that SONY fanbots trolled this site, doubt no more. If nothing else, this article served as SONY fanboy bait, and man, they all bit.