How Xbox One/Windows 8 Cross Play Would Affect Gamers

Xbox One and Windows 8 may support cross-platform multiplayer gaming, according to a few hints dropped by a Microsoft representative. If you own a game for Xbox One, and your friend owns the same title for the PC, this would allow you to play together.

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malokevi3399d ago

Awesome... couldn't care less. Would be nice if I could play some XB1 games with PS4 people, but really not necessary.

DeadManIV3399d ago

Not possible mate, MS would not let Sony use their dedicated servers

malokevi3399d ago

Yeah, which means at the end of the day I'll probably end up buying a few games for both systems.


UltimateMaster3399d ago

Old article from last month, just repeating itself.

andrewsqual3399d ago

Finally they get to put their Games for Windows Live GOLD SUBSCRIPTION into effect again after failing to dupe PC people in 2007 into it with Shadowrun and Halo 2 before giving up on it.

TheEnigma3133399d ago

Windows 8 is awful. This should be compatible with windows 7.

Dante813399d ago

Says the man who's never used it.

Xsilver3399d ago

who hasn't used windows 8?

MiHX23399d ago

I used Windows 8 in a retailer store,It was awesome with the new UI and features.

Baka-akaB3399d ago

it's neither awesome nor awful . You can ditch most times the metro IU and mostly use it as an optimized win 7 .

TheEnigma3133399d ago

I've used it and I do not like it. Stop assuming things you don't know. I prefer windows 7.

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Jack_Of_All_Blades3399d ago

People need to grow up and let the UI styling of Windows 95 go

MajorGecko3399d ago

this will be a good feature until PC starts to outpace the XBOne in terms of graphics and what it can do and holds PC back..

jeffgoldwin3399d ago (Edited 3399d ago )

Um the PC already plays at varying graphic levels depending on your hardware. But yes ps4 and xbox one will both hold back pc. Just the way it goes.

I like how you tried to stealth mode troll xbox one when both systems are weaker than current gaming pcs. The gap will only widen in a few years.

MajorGecko3397d ago

was not a stealth troll sorry I talking about how windows 8 and xbox plays can play together i dont think ps4 and windows 8 can play together..jerk

VanguardOfCalamity3399d ago

can't say I dislike the idea of cross-platform multiplayer on any game(s) - would be interested to see kb/m VS controller stats on FPS especially.

Also using FF14:ARR as an example the lag people have mentioned between PS3 and PC seems to present difficulties as well. (not sure Next Gen won't suffer similar issues)

- either way being able to play with friends on multiple devices is a win for us all :D

caperjim3399d ago

Make this happen Microsoft. I will be using this feature for sure. It will certainly give Microsoft an advantage over the competition.

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