Xbox Live: Scheduled maintenance complete

According to Major Nelson, the scheduled maintenance for Xbox Live that left the service offline since early this morning is complete. Before you fashion your trendiest riot clothes and pitchforks we'd like to remind you that while the service maintenance is complete users may experience rolling restarts around the globe. As an example, the service has restarted for our own Dustin Burg but has left this Canadian out in the cold (see what I did there?) with connection issues.

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ion6663924d ago

if only they can get rid of the ugly people,(aka:magor nelson and that girl monster).

Sayai jin3924d ago

I gave it a whirl a few minutes ago with no problems. I am downloading a Season of Desert Punk right now. I was at work when it was down. I was at of town in Belguim when the PSN got its swwet update, but had down time too. I guess I got licky twice :)

sephiroths_revenge3924d ago

if u match your image with you avtar and follow along it says

PS3 Win

miganda3924d ago

time to get back to playing rainbow 6.

Codeman4203924d ago

now i can sign in for 2 seconds and get kicked off YEAAAAAAAAAA

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