Fears of plot leaks as GTA IV is shipped to retailers

Fears have grown that copies of Grand Theft Auto IV might be mistakenly sold ahead of its official release date, after its publishers announced that the game was being delivered to retailers. Details of the game, which gets its global launch on April 29, have been kept a closely guarded secret by its maker, Rockstar Games. However, many fans fear that shops may unwittingly sell the game to customers early, and that information about the plot and the ending will be leaked on the internet.

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TheExecutive3921d ago

we are gonna have to keep our guard up!

Syko3921d ago

Stay away from T3h Internets for a while folks.... =)

Jason 36O3921d ago

For my new Ps3,so don't leak any details please

Meus Renaissance3921d ago

You got a PS3? What games and what's your PSN ID?

SPARTAAN3921d ago

hes jason 36O(O at the end instead of 0)

Ri0tSquad3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Nice catch, SPARTAAN

I couldn't tell to be honest.

Chris_GTR13921d ago

you know , its just sad theres actually a dumbass ps3 fanboy sitting there on the pc trolling around appearing to be jason 360 just for attention. very sad

dantesparda3921d ago

Cuz we know that 360 fanboys would never do that.

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Meus Renaissance3921d ago

We should try to organise a ban of all GTA news from Sunday onwards. No spoilers, no nothing, no videos, no more screenshots. Just savour the anticipation.

What do you guys think?

Frnicatr3921d ago

Only reviews please. Reviews that do not contain spoilers.

meepmoopmeep3921d ago

why not just ignore any articles about it?
that's what i'm doing with MGS4
GTA isn't a game i care if it was spoiled or not. it's more of a "muck-around" game to me.

TheExecutive3921d ago

well, i want to see the IGN review! but yeah i will be ignoring spoilers

-EvoAnubis-3921d ago

Starting tomorrow, I'm not looking at any info on GTA4 whatsoever besides the official R* website, and for damn sure NOTHING AT ALL FROM YOUTUBE. No fear of spoilers for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.