Amazon Downgrades PS4 Watch Dogs Bundle

Amazon downgrades PS4 Watch Dogs Launch Bundle Preorders to Standard PS4 Launch Bundle, adjusts price accordingly.

"Product Alert

All orders for the Watch Dogs PlayStation 4 bundle will keep their place in line and we will fulfill the PlayStation 4 (without the Watch Dogs game) in accordance with your current delivery estimate. We are working on adjusting these orders and will update you as soon as we know more. "

It is likely all other versions of the game and associated bundles will be, or have been affected similarly.

Existing preorders have been "downgraded" to the basic launch version, which, of course, excludes the game.

zeal0us3700d ago

Why not give buyers the option to choose a different game, Watchdog voucher or downgrade?

Eonjay3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

You can choose another game. Now its just a separate order.

The price of my order has been reduced to 399. If I want another game... I just have to preorder it.

reko3700d ago


can i change my preorder to a killzone bundle? thanks.

Sitdown3700d ago

You sure can.... just preorder Killzone and more than likely they will ship together.

TomShoe3700d ago

Still get it day one though :D

kparks3700d ago

I thought this bundle came with a year of ps+ also for 10$ off

prodg523700d ago

I got an email about an hour ago about this. I'm glad it got sorted out. They could have at least waved the shipping cost for all the hassle :/ I still haven't decided what game to replace WD with.

kornbeaner3700d ago

Why is it up to Amazon to fix something Ubisoft messed up? Ubi delayed the game not Amazon, why would they swallow a cost for their non-mistake?

adamandkate3700d ago

I agree, as annoyed as I am, i really think amazon showed the colours and have looked after the customer. They could have easyly said tough luck we will cancel your order, OR, downgraded without change of bundle and choice

instead they haven given as many alterntives as they can, in a rather fast time.

WeAreLegion3700d ago

What shipping cost? It's free shipping on the PS4.

Back-to-Back3700d ago

Stop being a cheapskate. If anything you should have amazon prime. If your a student and have a .edu email you can get 1 year for free.

coolasj3700d ago

For me this is an upgrade. I only ordered Watchdogs because it gave me the most confidence coming out of E3, my faith lies with Killzone right now.

holeshot19823700d ago

I'm not even so sure I'll keep my pre-order anymore... Watch Dogs was really the only game coming out on launch day that I wanted.... Might decide to hold off until next Spring...

d4sholil13700d ago

My sentiments exactly. A free copy of Drive Club was the perfect compliment to Watch Dogs in my opinion. Watch Dogs was the only game I was excited for though other games looked good like AC4 and BF4. Might just hold off until next year. Plus Im really looking forward to MGSV and The Division more than any other game right now; so waiting may be my personal best option.

holeshot19823700d ago

Yeah I've got to where I don't like paying full price for many games anymore since they go on sale so soon after release... and like you, AC4 & BF4 was the only other two I would consider... But for me personally they are not worth 60.00.... I was looking forward to the free scaled down copy of Drive Club though.... Glad I've got close to a month to decide....


To each his/her own, but personally, if the only launch game I was interested were Watch Dogs (or any other multi generation release) I wouldn't even consider next-gen right now, but simply buy it on my current gen console.

Even if next-gen versions are better, I doubt they would vary wildly in content anyway, we had seen it this whole gen, the game may looks different between console A and B, or consoles and PC or whatever... But in the end of the day it's still pretty much the same game.

kornbeaner3700d ago

Probably sounds dumb of me but I rather like the fact that a few games I was looking forward too are getting delayed. There are only so many games I can afford after putting down $400 on a new console too many bills to pay. Gonna be eating rice and beans for awhile just to buy my PS4.

cyclindk3700d ago

What if I am already eating rice and beans?

Crumbs and dust...

kornbeaner3700d ago

Eat rice one day then eat beans the next. If that is still not enough. Go to a Chinese food place steal the soy sauce packets. Boom! Rice with Soy sauce. Not enough? Crumbs and dust :( still not enough. Cobwebs and paint chips.

holeshot19823700d ago

Yeah since this delay came up, it's got me thinking about it to, do I really want to spend 400 plus when the game I really want isn't even coming out until next year! LOL

kornbeaner3700d ago

I'm getting one because I want an upgrade. But these delays allow me more time to save for more games. I'll most likely get mainstream games to play with the family and next year will be when I get into the more story based games I like to play alone.

Sitdown3700d ago

I never understood this logic... you can't play all the game at one time anyway, so what does it hurt you to get the game a month or so after release when it will most likely be cheaper anyway. You look forward to others not being able to enjoy games because you are not in a place to afford them. Now if it's a limited edition or multiplayer game, I slightly understand.

kornbeaner3700d ago

This was said in the most selfish way possible. I am glad for myself. If the delay of a game is a tragic event in somebodies life, well I'm sorry but for me this delay means I can buy some games now look forward to playing this game at or around the same time as my friends in future so that we can talk about it. Total selfish act all the way.

Sitdown3700d ago

Haha... and I can appreciate your response. Have a bubble.