New screenshots Oblivion: Knights of the Nine

Knights of the Nine will be the first real Oblivion expansion set for Xbox 360 and PC, and it will be included in the Playstation 3 version. Bethesda today released some images of the add-on.

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THWIP4458d ago that Bethesda is including this in the PS3 version FOR FREE, while sticking it to the loyal PC/360 fans that have made them the success that they are. I, for one, will not be buying this; Beth can kiss my hairy white ass.

zypher4458d ago (Edited 4458d ago )

what else could they do? i mean, obviously they couldn't charge for simple item downloads like swords and horse armor, and then turn around and give away for free a download that's basically an expansion. and it would've been even MORE wrong for them not offer it to the "loyal" 360 crowd in any form at all. thats why i say this whole "downloadable content for a price" business will be gaming's biggest and worst paradox.

THWIP4458d ago

Simple...make it a FREE DOWNLOAD for PC/360 owners. I paid $74 for the game (CE + tax), and another $10 or so for additional content later. PS3 owners will get the original game, + this expansion, which is said to add about 20 hrs of gameplay, for $60. Now tell me how in the f*** that's fair?! It shouldn't be more than 150 MS pts, at the most, or they're royally pissing in the faces of their fans.

zypher4458d ago

i'm not saying that it should'nt be free. but to charge for something as trite as swords and horse armor, but then make an almost-expansion free? like i said, a true paradox. this will be the Achilles-heel of gaming growth.

crazyman4458d ago

Well dont forget they pay tax too. Also the price of the 360 copy has gone down so if you buy it at the same time as the ps3 comes out then download, then we only pay slightly more

THWIP4458d ago

...for pointing out the OBVIOUS and COMPLETELY POINTLESS facts to me

crazyman -
"Well dont forget they pay tax too. Also the price of the 360 copy has gone down so if you buy it at the same time as the ps3 comes out then download, then we only pay slightly more "

As I'd already stated, a few MILLION others...already bought the game, at launch, and have even purchased most of the DLC.
The fact is, Sony has NEVER supported a Bethesda product...NOT ONE. This will be the first game Beth has released for a Sony platform. Why they suddenly decided to turn their backs on those who've supported them for the past several years (PC gamers even more than XBOX), to make an upgraded port of a game...AS A LAUNCH TITLE...for the PS3, when they made 360 owners wait an extra 4 1/2 months after launch. This is a subject which has been heavily debated for months now over at the Bethesda forums; the consensus is that Beth was greedy, and really screwed over their fans.
I have no doubts that early work on the PS3 version, pulled people/resources away from the PC/360 versions, and aided in the delay of their release as well. THAT is the ultimate insult, IMO...and more than enough reason for me to be upset, and demand something for free.
Dammit! :{


Scrooge4457d ago

You're really grumpy. Do you have anything positive to say on these threads? Do you just hate life?

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devv054458d ago

I agree it should be free, too bad thats never gonna happen...

The Milkman4458d ago

Umm where already crying and we havent even heard the price yet? I didnt feel like reading it all but I glimpsed and I didnt see no official price. Also I dont think they are going to make it cheaper for anyone so getting treated farely I dont think will be the issue.