Miyamoto berates backwards-looking design teams

Nintendo game designing legend Shigeru Miyamoto appeared to let his guard down when, during an interview with 1-Up, he revealed that he needed to lead the Wii Fit design team to ensure that they start from a blank canvas.

"It's a different way of designing than people are accustomed to. So in order to help the team feel more confident, I unfortunately needed to take a lead role … and help them realize that it really is OK to start from scratch," the Japanese games design guru told them.

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proArchy3833d ago

Poor Miyamoto. Him and Kojima should get together for a good old fashioned tear-in-my-beer pity party. The poor guy develops video games for a living, how much worse could it get?!

Mandangoof3833d ago

Like the one which settled on the Wii hardware?

Screw you Miyamoto. Talentless hack.

BrotherNick3832d ago

So talentless that he saved the gaming industry.

KeiZka3832d ago

Ya, talentless and just got all those mentions for his work because of pure luck? You, dear sir, fail.

Garrison3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

ever ever let someone other than him get the credit for making a profit making game at nintendo. Hes just such a glory stealing whore and nintendo just makes and lets him get credit for everything they do over there. Working for nintendo must be the most awful thing in the world of gaming.

KingKirchner3832d ago

guys, stop bashing Miyamoto. I have a Wii, but greatly prefer my PS3. I am NOT buying WiiFit as it looks like a waste of $90 to me, and I'm not a very big Mario fan, but this is the man that brought us one of the greatest games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: OoT.

Regardless of his most recent projects, that one is enough to make him a legend forever.

Allthough IMO Kojima>Miyamoto. They are the two best game designers ever probably though.

deeznuts3832d ago

How can we not bash the dude for berating backwards looking design team, when all he does is look back!

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The story is too old to be commented.