Sony increases PS3 price by $25-30 USD in Asia

When other consoles are going down in price by as much as $100 in some regions, Sony has increased the price of the Playstation 3 in Hong Kong by over $25 USD, with absolutely no explanation. In Singapore, the price went up by $30 USD. Other Asian Playstation sites do not list their MSRPs.

There are no bundles to speak of, no new SKUs, or anything like that. Just a blatant price increase.

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PS360WII3884d ago

huh how do you like that. Must be selling well for a price increase

Drekken3884d ago

It isnt selling as good as they would want it to. Japan sales have been down last couple months. Maybe someone did a typo, lol!

sonarus3884d ago

yea sales in JP have been pretty weak and i am not sure hong kong would be any better

Surfman3884d ago

the PS3 needs more RPGs to sell more in japan

Wildarmsjecht3884d ago

Might be to help combat piracy that hong kong is known for. Higher price points leads to deterrant from would be modders/pirates who wouldnt wanna risk losing all that money they spent just for internet fame and the POSSIBILITY to play unbought games.

lowlight3884d ago

There is no piracy on the PS3 (yet, anyway)

theKiller3884d ago

the Dollar is is decreasing everyday thats why they increase ps3 price!

Wildarmsjecht3884d ago

I know the ps3 hasnt been hacked yet, but why wait till it is to do something about it? We already know people are starting to access and do things to the ps3 that might in the future lead to it being modded.

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Bladestar3884d ago

If you are getting a PS3 better get it now... this may be due to blu-ray winning the format war.. there are reports of blu-ray players becoming more expensive since there are is competition... And the PS3 is also a blu-ray player..

cmrbe3884d ago

Actually that might actually be the reason. I can't think of any other reason why there would be a price increase unless this false info. To those that disagreed. The PS3 is ALSO a blu-player.

heyheyhey3884d ago

more expensive? because of MORE competition?

ok then

anyway the PS3 is not in direct competition with those players, its treated as a games console (which it should be)

most people who buy it are gamers anyway, despite what some people might say

Frnicatr3884d ago

Who cares? The PS3 launched as $659.99 in Canada, but 3 months later it was up to $699.99.

Ali_The_Brit3884d ago

and now we sit and wait for stupid fanboys to make there stupid comments..

heyheyhey3884d ago


Sir Ken Kutaragi 13884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

I told everyone it was to Cheap!!! ;-D
I'd rather spend more, than buy a piece of cr*p that don't last more than 5 minutes(Wonder what Console i'm talking about!!!)
Google - RRoD+FIRE!!! ;-D

TheEndzor3884d ago

Even if they raised it by a $100USD

people will still buy the ps3

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