73% of Kids Never Been in the Pacific Ocean, Internet and Video Games Blamed

While most Americans consider the Pacific Ocean an essential location for children to experience, nearly three out of four U.S. kids have never visited it, a startling fact uncovered in a recent survey conducted by the Travel Industry Association (TIA). The Oregon Tourism Commission (dba Travel Oregon) is responding by creating opportunities for children to splash in the Pacific surf.

TIA's nationally projectable survey of 2,252 U.S. adults revealed that 46 percent of the population regularly travels with children under the age of 18 and 73 percent of these kids have never visited the Pacific Ocean. "In this age of TV, the Internet and video games, children are more often losing touch with nature and not connecting with the world around them." said Todd Davidson, Travel Oregon CEO.

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GutZ313831d ago

Ever think that people are poor?
And that it costs up to 600 times as much to travel to the west coast from middle america?
Or that it would cost 20 times as much as any game console to travel to from the east coast to the west coast just to get in the pacific?

The Killer3831d ago

there is poor people every where, on top the fact that american kids r spoiled compared to many other nations this article want to spoil them even more!!

ion6663831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

ding ding ding you have answered correctly lol kudos

Panthers3831d ago

Or... or, maybe, JUST MAYBE,

most people dont give a damn about seeing the Pacific Ocean! They dont have to be poor to not want to spend a small fortune traveling to the west coast. Sure I would like to one day, but I live in NC and the Atlantic is just fine for me.

Losing touch with nature... LOL. What does not seeing the Pacific Ocean have to do with losing touch with nature?

Alcaponedyou3831d ago

blame the parents, not the games.

Evil Rant Monkey3831d ago

<why blame anything? is it such a serious offense?)

Azures3831d ago

Kids under 18 are also having more sex now than ever before, I'd blame that before video games.

mindedone3831d ago

how are they having all this sex if they're busy playing video games? /sarcasm

Jason 36O3831d ago

Of the Pacific,on my Ps3.

Synex3831d ago

I live in Ohio and going to the pacific ocean is a bit far, so my family settles for the Atlantic. What's wrong with that?

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The story is too old to be commented.