GTA Online Best Car in Each Category

So you finally bought that high-end apartment with a 10 car garage and now you want the best car in each category in there? Check out the list below. (This is also useful for racing since you can use your custom cars in races.)

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GarrusVakarian1923d ago

I don't care if the Adder is faster, as soon as i hit 650k (almost there) im buying the Cheetah, its always been my favourite GTA car and it looks BADASS on GTA5.

vector4151923d ago

The Entity has the best handling and is almost as fast as the Adder, but I agree, the cheetah looks the coolest.

Blacktric1923d ago

"The Entity has the best handling and is almost as fast as the Adder"

This. Don't waste your hard grinded cash on Adder since it handles like utter crap and forces you to hardbreak whenever there's a slightly sharp turn. I also think Entity XF is faster eventhough it's supposed to have 350 less horsepower than Adder (according to the listing on ingame website) after trying both vehicles in online.

camel_toad1923d ago

If you guys missed it about a week on n4g they linked to a much more thorough list of all vehicles - comes in handy when shopping =)

MajorLazer1923d ago

My dream car is the Infernus :D It may not be the fastest, but boy does it look the sexiest!

Varmint1923d ago

I agree in that I don't care if the Adder is faster either. Besides, the Veyron has never been my favourite super car, so the Adder holds little interest for me. My favourite proper super car has always been the Koeniggsegg CCX, so it'll have to be the Entity XF for me!

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AiirJordann231923d ago

have 10 cars the adder the entity i dont have the cheetah tho

CuddlyREDRUM1923d ago

Even weeks after you release a broken online and pay to win DLC, you still get publicity.

Zancruz1923d ago

Rockstar is quickly fixing the problems and no matter how much real cash a person uses they still can't buy nothing till their character gets to the right levels, So it's definitely not pay to win. It should still get publicity, it's a great game IF a person likes this type of game.

C L O U D1923d ago

I don't see the problem of the Adder's handling...

It seems to win me most of my online races in the super category

Zancruz1923d ago

Meh... The vehicles I use are the ones I like, Speed is not everything. A vehicle's purpose, capability and Style matters to me.

My 10 garage:
Sandking SWB
Sandking XL
Canis Mesa
Karin Sutton RS
Sabre Turbo
Pegassi Vacca
Grotti Caronizzare
Dinka Double-T

Got room for two more, I haven't decided what to pick.

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