GTA 5 vs Max Payne 3 Free Aim Comparison

Gameranx: "Shooting your weapon seems to work differently in GTA 5 than it does in Max Payne 3, and the difference is for the worse."

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TheTimeDoctor2739d ago

max Payne hd... make it happen

hankmoody2739d ago

I loved Max Payne 3. That game should have gotten more love than it did.

Shadonic2739d ago

I honestly wish that Gta took more than just the weapon wheel and reticle from max Payne the aiming on Gta 5 without auto aim is poopy and wih it on at least in multiplayer it makes bs things like getting sniped out of a helecopter by some dude In a pistol it's the same issues I had with fighting with auto aim on max Payne 3.

gamedebater2739d ago

the poor framerate in GTA V makes shooting very difficult. you can get headshots in cod and BF but in gta its near impossible due to slight input lag.

gillri2739d ago

i only get framerate problems down the palm tree streets of rockford hills

kingPoS2739d ago

Here's hoping they patch in the option. I also miss being able to swap the views from left to right.