Gamepro Review: NBA Ballers: Chosen One

It isn't enough to be in the NBA these days--you gotta be ballin'. Rolling onto Xbox 360 with new high-def graphics and remixed gameplay, NBA Ballers: Chosen One puts a little bling into basketball. Showy new moves make it an entertaining experience, even if balance problems and unnecessarily long loading times put its cool factor on ice.

A six episode televised contest between b-ball's best and rookies pulled from the streets gives NBA Ballers its subtitle. Chuck D. hosts the fictional 'Chosen One' contest in which you take a customizable baller through a series of challenges to become the game's anointed player. One-on-one play, three-way match ups, two-on-two team battles, and even three-point shootouts line your path to the top. Win these events and you can earn the title of chosen one, not to mention unlock new threads to personalize your athlete.

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