One Hit Pixel - Hands-On With The PlayStation 4 Ramps Up The Excitement

One Hit Pixel: "Sony’s had the bulk of the positivity since the PlayStation 4′s announcement and there was nothing here to suggest that that’s anything other than fully warranted."

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sigfredod2602d ago

One month left, i must endure

Eonjay2602d ago

That controller is everything!

badboy7762602d ago

Blue Controller Looks Sick!

GarrusVakarian2602d ago

With that controller you could literally beat your friends "black and blue" on fighting games.

Badum TISH!

king_george2602d ago

Was just about to comment on the controller too haha! Look sweet

Brix902602d ago

Octodad looks funny might have to check that out

kingPoS2602d ago

That blue & black two tone looks hella sick.