Update: Cliffy B Unbans User, Looks into "Stolen Map"

Well Cliffy B. Has just unbanned "EpicJon" from the UTIII forums along with giving an update to the whole incident.... According to cliffy the maps are most likely a coincidence since the new map is a remake of Koos Galleon and goes on to say that in the past they've not only given credit to map creators but also paid them for their maps if they were officially released in Epic's games. Also don't forget that the User created map was only released about a month -> a month and a half ago.... a map that was made for an official release from Epic would have been in development far longer then that.

"Not just "with permission" but we've actually gone out and paid folks to license their maps when we've included them in one of our bonus packs or within one of our games.

I've got to catch a plane early in the morning but I told Jon we'll look into it and get him a response in the next day or two."


Swap Cliffy B w/ Mark Rein.

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TheHater3834d ago

as always Cliff is always on top of the situation. I hope the figure this out fast, because it making Epic look bad right now

Hitman_Legend3834d ago

Thats Mark Rein, the dude who's been in touch with the UT community for a long time, it even says his name right near the post...

Marceles3834d ago

Mark Rein

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Chill folks. I'm traveling today (posting this from DFW airport on route to the west coast) but I'll try to put up a response tonight when I hit my hotel room. There are some useful lessons to be learned from this thread so just be kind to each other until I get to them.

PirateThom3834d ago

Cliffy B is just awesome. Good for him.

Truplaya3834d ago

now how about getting me my seriously acheivement on gears of war that i should have got months ago.

Agriel3834d ago

why does the title say Cliffy B, thats mark reins

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